10 tips to relieve itching

How to quickly calm the itching?

Some people often have itchy, itchy skin. It can be because of too dry skin or just because of some skin problem.

Anyway, these itches are very unpleasant so it is better to soothe them rather than constantly scratching at the risk of accentuating your itching. 10 Tips therefore offers you 10 treatments and remedies to relieve itching.

The 10 tips to relieve itching:

1. Basil leaves to relieve itching

Basil leaves are effective against itchy skin. You only have to apply it directly to your itchy skin to quickly see an improvement. Basil contains eugenol which is excellent for calming itchy skin very quickly.

2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour a little apple cider vinegar into your bath water for a quick soothing effect on itching. You can add about half a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath to quickly feel better or at least relieved.

3. Peppermint dock yellow and itchy

Pour a little of this peppermint in your bath and you will fight your itch faster. It’s a tip that’s very similar to the previous one but seems to work better against itchy skin than apple cider vinegar.

Be careful, just a few drops of peppermint added to the bath water are enough to calm the itching on your body.

4. Avoid hot baths

If you have itchy skin, absolutely avoid hot baths. Instead, take lukewarm baths without using too much soap. If your child has chickenpox, for example, a lukewarm bath is preferable to a hot bath because the heat may accentuate the problem.

5. Apply aloe vera oil

Aloe vera is a really very effective natural remedy for itching of any kind. Apply this aloe oil topically to your skin and your itching will greatly reduce.

For best results do not hesitate to repeat two to three times every day until the itching disappears.

6. Baking soda in bath water

And yes! To naturally cure eczema, it will be perfect! Simply add a little baking soda to your bath.

Attention, because for certain type of itching, for example for chickenpox, the use of baking soda is not recommended!

7. Cold to soothe itching

If the skin is very itchy, you can apply cold. This can be ice in a towel or just a washcloth of cold water.

Cold water compresses are really very effective in soothing itchy skin very quickly. It’s hard to get a simpler tip. ?

8. Rub onion rings

And yes! Simply gently rub onion rings on your skin and you will quickly be soothed. The onion would indeed have a calming and soothing effect against itchy skin. Watch out for the smell though! ?

9. Use heat for itching

If you have a strong itch from a mosquito bite, bring a heat source close to the bite to ease the pain. It can be for example a piece of lighted candle. Be careful not to burn yourself though!

Above all, do not use any heat for other types of itching, such as chickenpox, for example, as this could make your situation worse.

10. Apply anti-itch lotion

Several lotions or creams against itching exist. Many people will opt for calamine (pink lotion) to relieve and calm itchy skin. You can also seek the advice of a health professional to make the best choice of an anti-itch cream.

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