10 tips to remove cat pee smell

How to remove the smell of cat urine in the house?

Cat pee smell is an absolutely terrible smell in a house! This smell can be so strong over time that it can even cause nausea and headaches! It is important not to let this problem of cat urine odor go in your house.

And the worst thing is that in the long run you sometimes get used to it, but for the people who enter the house, it’s very noticeable for them! 10 Tips offers you 10 tips and products to remove the smell of cat urine.

1. A spray to remove the smell of cat urine

In all good pet stores, they sell products against the smell of cat urine. These can also help you overcome bad odors! Of course, to stop smelling this smell of urine, you must teach your cat to pee in its litter box, this is the first step.

If you are looking for a really effective product against bad odors and in particular to remove the smell of cat urine in the house, we have the top product for you all. Here is Saniterpen Odor Destroyer Spray, an effective product against bad odors in the house.

TOP odor destroyer

TOP odor destroyer

  • Effectively eliminates bad odors
  • Bad pet odors
  • Can be used on cage, litter, car, etc.

2. Vinegar, a natural cat urine odor destroyer!

Vinegar is a natural product that you can use around the house to clean and deodorize everything. So why not use it against the smell of cat pee?

Indeed, the use of white vinegar to remove the smell of cat urine in the house is both effective and free. You can even use this trick to get rid of human urine smell on a mattress.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Spray white vinegar on the cat pee stain
  • Leave to act for a moment and rub with a cloth or a brush
  • Leave on for a few more minutes and rinse

But be careful because vinegar can damage some surfaces if you leave it too long. You can also mix equal parts vinegar with water to make the solution less potent.

3. But where’s the cat pee?

To successfully clean and especially remove this bad smell of cat urine, you still have to find the place where the pee is. If the cat has just peed it is easy to clean everything quickly but if the stain is dry it may be more difficult to find.

To quickly find a cat urine stain on a rug, carpet, floor or even clothing, an ultraviolet lamp can be a good gadget to have at home. There are several models of UV lamps here is one for you at a discount price:

Urine Detector UV Lamp

Urine Detector UV Lamp

  • Lamp to quickly detect cat urine stains
  • On carpet, rug or fabric sofa
  • TOP quality price

4. Remove cat urine smell with lemon

Lemon can be a good trick to get rid of the bad smell of cat urine. Here’s how:

  • Rub the pee stain with lemon juice or rub the stain directly with a slice of lemon.
  • Then rinse with lukewarm water to thoroughly remove the lemon juice and the stain.

The smell should be completely gone with this 100% natural trick. You can repeat if the bad cat smell is still present.

As with vinegar, care must be taken not to damage and or discolor surfaces with lemon juice.

5. An odor absorber and destroyer

Did you know that there are products that help eliminate bad odors in a home such as cat pee and litter odors. It may therefore be worth buying an odor eliminator that you will simply place near the cat litter.

10 Tips offers you here an odor destroyer that quickly neutralizes and removes bad odors in a house, including the smell of urine.

It is important to mention that this product does not eliminate 100% cat urine odors but it will help reduce them, that’s for sure!

odor destroyer

odor destroyer

  • Destroys bad odors in the house
  • Long-lasting and biodegradable efficiency
  • Anti smell of pets, toilet, trash, humidity, etc.

6. Have your cat operated on

The big operation for his cat is often one of the solutions to stop him urinating everywhere in the house quickly.

Whether male or female, your cat can be operated on to change certain habits at home. Including precisely the fact of almost no longer urinating in your house, outside the litter box.

The smell of your cat’s urine may be much less strong, less pronounced, once your cat has been operated on.

Before making an appointment for the operation, ask your veterinarian about the operation and the other alternatives available for your cat.

7. An anti-odour cat trash can

The smell of cat pee and litter in general is really unpleasant in a home. So instead of leaving cat pee and excrement in the litter box for too long, you can pick them up as you go and place them in a special bin.

10-Trucs offers you below a bucket of quality cat litter and above all at a great price:

8. Remove cat urine smell with baking soda

Another way to quickly get rid of bad cat pee odors in a house is to use baking soda. Here’s what you need:

  • 30ml baking soda
  • 30ml hydrogen peroxide
  • 30ml liquid dish soap
  • 1 cup lukewarm water

Then you have to:

  • Spray the solution where your cat has peed
  • Leave for 10 minutes on the pee stain
  • Then rinse with lukewarm water

Over the next few days, repeat a few times and the smell of cat pee will gradually diminish in the house. A good 100% home remedy against bad cat and dog odors.

9. Perfume for the cat litter box

There are scents specifically designed to add to cat litter. It is a very effective product to camouflage the bad odors given off by pee and other cat excrement in the litter.

It is important to use scents only designed for cat litter boxes so as not to make your pet sick. There are perfumes and deodorizers to reduce the smell of cat pee and spray and granular litter. Here is a cat litter deodorant from Beaphar that is very effective in removing the smell of cat urine:

10. Little cow mixture

How about trying another homemade recipe to remove the smell of cat urine in the house?

Mix in a container:

  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of small cow
  • 2 tablespoons of peroxide
  • 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • Then add 2 cups of lukewarm water and mix everything together

Then spray the solution on the cat urine stains, wait 10 minutes and wipe to complete the cleaning.

With this homemade trick, the smell and the stain of cat pee should quickly disappear. If the smell still persists you can rub again with white vinegar. Don’t forget to rinse well at the end.

11. Air rooms to remove odors

If you smell cat urine or other bad odors in the house, it is important to regularly air all the rooms in the house.

Open all your windows to do a good transfer of odors. A closed house that also smells of cat urine is even worse.

If you have an air exchanger, do not hesitate to turn it on to quickly eliminate bad odors in the house.

If your cat starts to smell bad, a cleaning is in order! Here is a complete guide: How to wash your cat?

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