10 tips to sell a house quickly and easily!

How do I sell my house quickly? Selling a house is a big project that takes time and energy, especially if you want to sell it on your own!
Today I bring you my top 10 tips and tricks to help sell a home faster and easier.

1. Clean up your house

How do you sell your house fast if it’s a mess!? So To successfully sell it, your house must of course have a nice clean and tidy appearance.

Your home should look nice, clean, tidy, smell good and give off a nice warm vibe to visitors looking for the perfect home.

The house must be welcoming, even inviting. A little brush stroke here to decorate, a little hammer there to repair, a little refreshment in the decor here and you will put all the chances on your side to sell it quickly!

2. Make a good home staging to showcase your house

the home staging is a technique that allows you to enhance your home by using different decoration, storage and interior design techniques.

Home staging aims to depersonalize the rooms of the house as much as possible to allow visitors and buyers to imagine themselves living in this pretty house.

Hire a Home Staging professional!

You can of course call on a professional Home Staging person to help you reorganize your house and thus help you sell it faster.

Do your own home staging!

You can also do it yourself by keeping in mind these important points and elements of home staging:

  1. Depersonalize the rooms of the house.
  2. Tidy up and declutter the house as much as possible (inside and outside).
  3. Renovate and paint to refresh and restore the house.
  4. Clean up the house (as mentioned in tip #1)
  5. Arrange, store and add furniture for a neutral and inviting look and decor.

3. The right time to sell a house quickly

Like anything else, to sell a house it is important to do it at the right time!

The summer season is usually the best time and time of year to sell a home. It is indeed a very dynamic time to sell and buy a house.

Show your house in the spring!

So to put the odds on your side to sell your house this summer, you have to advertise it in the spring. You can therefore prepare the photos and advertisements for the house as early as April and May to facilitate the sale.

4. Set the right selling price

It is important to sell your house at a reasonable price, ie at a realistic price. Because don’t forget, buyers know the market and the prices of houses comparable to yours.

How much to sell my house?

If you are not sure of the price to ask, do not hesitate to call on a real estate appraiser who will be able to advise you better. If you oversell, it may take a lot longer and you may even miss a sale.

5. Be honest and transparent as a seller

Whether it is a sale made by a real estate broker or by yourself, it is important to always tell the « real » things to future buyers.

Being honest and transparent as a seller is extremely important. This will avoid many problems with the buyers of your home.

Do not hide anything from buyers!

If you have problems with your house, you would prefer not to mention them to avoid losing a sale… And it is quite normal to think so.

On the other hand, it is better to always tell the truth to avoid possible legal problems. In addition, if you have made the necessary repairs, it will be a plus for the buyer to know that everything is repaired and functional!

6. Dates and info of repairs made in the house

To continue on transparency and honesty as a seller, it can be interesting and advantageous to have notes on the various repairs carried out in the house.

Keep in a notebook or a document on the computer all the details and invoices of the major repairs that you have carried out in the house over the past few years.

Have your home diagnosed!

You can also call on a building inspector or other specialist to have a complete diagnosis of your house done before selling it. This is an excellent way to know with certainty the condition of the roof, plumbing, electricity or even the foundation, for example.

7. Beautiful photos to sell a house

How can you be successful in selling a house if you don’t take the time and care to take beautiful professional photos of the house.

Bet on professional photos of your home!

Photography is key to selling your home. Hence the importance of doing business with a professional photographer (if possible) to take the best photos of your home.

Waiting for the right moment to take pictures of your house!

It is also important to wait for the right time of day to take pictures of your house for sale. Wait for the sun’s rays to enter the house. A bright, radiant home will be much more attractive than a dark, lackluster home.

8. Organize a self-guided tour of your home

In addition to photos and ads on classifieds sites and social networks, a free visit is a good idea to help sell your house more easily.

Here are some tips for a successful free visit:

  • Play some soft, lounge-style music.
  • Operate the fireplace (if you have one) for a cozy ambiance.
  • Light a candle with a sweet scent for a good smell in the house.
  • Open curtains and blinds to let in daylight.
  • Mow the lawn and remove weeds in the flowerbeds.
  • Pay particular attention to the appearance of the entrance hall, the kitchen and the main bathroom.
  • Do not let the cat or dog wander around the house during visits.

9. Where to post your house for sale for a quick sale?

Classified ad sites are still very popular and used to post a house for sale. But is it really the best solution to sell your house quickly in 2021?

Show off your home on social media!

In addition to posting it on online classified ads why not post and share your ad on social media?

Indeed, thanks to your friends and your community on Facebook or Instagram for example, your ad will be shared by hundreds of people very quickly and above all for free!

Share the announcement of his house for sale on Facebook groups!

There are many Facebook groups about selling and buying homes and real estate. Join as many groups as you can to share your home for sale with as many people as possible.

10. Seek help from a real estate broker

If you do not have the time and the knowledge necessary to plan and organize all the stages of the sale of your house, then a real estate broker is undoubtedly the solution for you.

Why do business with a real estate broker?

The real estate broker has all the necessary resources to help you sell as quickly as possible:

  • He can determine with certainty the best selling price for your home.
  • He takes care of the entire sales process: declaration of the seller, promise to purchase, clauses of sale, signing of the notarial deed, etc.
  • It allows greater visibility of your home through its network.
  • He accompanies you at all stages of the sale and purchase of the house.
  • It verifies the accuracy of all the information of your property for sale.
  • He deals with visits and the management of visitors and potential buyers.

Several real estate agencies exist so take the time to read reviews and compare offers to choose the best broker to sell your home.

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