10 tips to stop losing your keys

Do you always lose your keys?

Losing your keys is never fun! Whether it’s car keys, house keys or any padlock, this loss can cause us a lot of problems! Do you no longer want to lose your keys or simply manage to find them quickly? So here are some very simple tips to help you find your keys!

1. Use a trouser clip for your keys

There is a kind of keychain that connects the key to your pants. The key will therefore be held by a large plastic thread which will be firmly attached to your pants!

2. Use a rope around the neck, for children

It will mostly be children who will use this item, but anyone who wants to can. It is quite simply a rope (resembling a shoelace) that hangs around the neck and holds your house key.

3. Leave a spare key somewhere

It can be with a trusted relative, friend, or neighbor. It can be in the car, in your locker, in your garage, whatever! But making one or more duplicates of your key is of course a good idea! On the other hand, be careful not to leave them anywhere or to anyone the duplicates of your keys!

4. Establish a strategic corner for your keys

It’s when you throw your keys anywhere in the house that you lose them! To prevent this from happening again, plan a special place where you will always and automatically put your keys. It can be a small hook that you hang near the door, a small pot filled with marbles, etc.

5. Have some kind of keychain

By having a key ring of a medium or large size, it will be easier to locate your keys somewhere (car, house, purse, backpack, coat pockets). If the key fob is big, it will be easy to reach. And if it is very colorful, it will be more conspicuous..

6. Buy a ringing key fob

There are key fobs that ring when you call them. Very practical as a trick to stop losing your house or car keys.

7. Use sticky pads

This is an object that serves as a kind of GPS. Thanks to this sticker, we can determine the exact location of the keys. This technology will be possible thanks to the smartphone. To learn more, search for Stick N Find product information.

8. Use an iPhone app

It is an application called Hone. It is a small Blue Tooth keychain linked to an iPhone application. The latter will allow you to locate your keys very quickly in the house.

9. Use numbers instead of keys

Starting system by digital code for the house (alarm system), for the car or even a digital padlock (round with numbers) rather than any other key lock, this is another option available to you if you tend to lose your keys easily.

10. Keep a key in your wallet

The wallet is something that we are very used to keeping with us at all times. So it’s a good place to hide a key!

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