10 tricks to get more candy this Halloween

Always more sweets and treats on Halloween

On Halloween, it’s fun to dress up and walk around in the dark from house to house. But the real pleasure of all this is of course the candy harvest! What child doesn’t like to go on a candy hunt!

If you want to have as many treats as possible, some little tricks can be started for the greatest pleasure of the children! Here are 10 tricks to get more candy on Halloween!

1. Leave early to harvest Halloween candy

If you leave too late in the evening, there will be a lot less Halloween candy available in the houses! You have to leave early so as not to miss it and also to have more time to do the maximum number of houses!

2. Bring an extra bag for your candy

The candy collection usually ends when the bag is full! However, it is better to prevent the blow and bring with you a second bag to fill.

3. Go to wealthier neighborhoods

Wealthier neighborhoods usually yield more candy! So it’s worth going around to pick up more chocolate, for example!

4. Visit several neighborhoods during Halloween night

We tend to only visit our own neighborhood. But if you take the time to visit other nearby neighborhoods, you’ll get a lot more candy that way!

5. Wear a Halloween costume!

It goes without saying! But many children or even pre-teens will only be satisfied with a mask or a very simple little make-up. People love to see kids who put time and effort into their costume! They sometimes give more candies in these cases!

6. Don’t eat sweets on the way

If you eat your candy as you go, you’ll get less home! So be patient!

7. Change costume for more candy!

If you want to go back to the houses a second time, you can change your costume and do a second round! So you will have double the candy!

8. Be excited…especially not shy!

Do not be shy! Show your enthusiasm and people are likely to be more generous with you! How to remain indifferent in front of a costumed child who is all excited and so happy to spend Halloween!

9. Bring little siblings for Halloween

If you travel as a family, you will have many more candies and you can mix them once at home! You will therefore have double or even triple candy!

10. Do not forget public places

There are many stores, pharmacies or convenience stores that give away candy on Halloween! Go ahead, you’ll get even more candy!

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