10 uses of WD-40

Are you familiar with the WD-40 product? You know that lubricating oil?

Whether it is WD40 brand oil or other brands of oils of this same type, there are several tips and tricks to do with this one.

10 Tips offers you today 10 uses of WD-40 at home.

The 10 uses with WD40:

Before starting with the 10 tips and tricks to do with WD-40, it is very important never to use this product with or near a source of heat such as fire for example. Use only in a well ventilated area.

1. WD-40 on leather shoes

Did you know that WD40 can be used to treat and protect the leather of your shoes and boots? In addition to waterproofing the leather of shoes, WD-40 also softens the leather. To be repeated a few times during the season if you want to keep the waterproof side of your leather shoes and boots.

2. A problem with the zipper?

If the zipper of your coat, your jeans or your backpack closes and opens badly, the use of WD40 can help you. Just spray some on the zipper and it will be easy to use as before.

Did you also know that WD-40 can also be useful for removing a broken key? Come and read our tips on this right here: How to remove a broken key from a lock?

3. WD40 against unwanted insects

If you want to eliminate and repel cockroaches, ants or spiders, just spray WD-40 in the appropriate places or directly on the insects to kill them instantly. Be careful not to use this trick in the house if you have children and babies at home.

4. WD-40 to lubricate the doors

Of course, if you have a squeaky door at home or a noisy car door, WD-40 oil can help. Simply spray the product on the hinges to lubricate them quickly.

5. To wash your garden furniture

Do you have white or colored garden furniture and want to give your furniture some shine? Simply spray and rub your patio furniture with WD-40 to bring the plastic back to shine. Don’t forget to rinse well at the end to remove all traces of oil.

6. To revive jewelry

Your jewelry is losing its luster and want to revive it? Simply apply WD40 to jewelry such as rings and chains for example and rub with a soft cloth. A simple and effective trick to revive dull jewellery.

7. WD40 to clean the refrigerator

Over time, especially if you don’t wash your refrigerator often, stubborn stains can be difficult to remove. Fortunately with the use of WD-40 it becomes much easier, both for stains inside and outside the refrigerator.

8. To clean a stainless steel sink

Does your kitchen sink need a major cleaning to remove all the stubborn stains lodged in it? You can use WD-40 to easily remove stains and make your kitchen sink’s stainless steel shine.

9. WD-40 to shine rims

To finish cleaning your car rims, simply spray WD-40 on a cloth and rub the rims to make them shine. Be careful not to spray this product on your tires as it could be very dangerous. Only on rims!

10. To remove traces of glue

Whether on car windows or on your windows, you can use WD-40 to remove traces of glue from labels and stickers, for example. Very effective as a trick.

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