10 ways to buy a cheap scooter

How to buy a cheap scooter?

Young and old love the idea of ​​one day having the means to buy a scooter. Is this your situation? Do you also dream of walking and getting around on a scooter?

It is of course much cheaper than buying a car, but you still need the money to pay for it! Buying a second-hand and inexpensive one is therefore often ideal, especially to respect your budget.

10 Tips therefore offers you several tips and practical tips for finding and buying a cheap but quality scooter. Good shopping! ?

1. The auction for a cheap scooter

As for cars, furniture or agricultural equipment, it is also possible to participate in auctions for the purchase of a scooter or a motorcycle.

And yes! You will be able to find much cheaper scooters by participating in this type of purchase. There are several online sites and platforms that allow individuals to sell their own scooters or other types of vehicles at auction. For example, you can visit the sites of InterEncheres, Agorastore or even that of Five Auction.

It is important to always set a maximum price, an amount of money not to exceed, even for the purchase of a scooter.

2. A cheap second-hand scooter, why not?

One of the best tips for buying a scooter and any other type of vehicle is buying used. Just go to one of the popular « classified ads » sites to find the best deals.

Do you really need me to introduce you to the classifieds sites in France or Canada… ? We only have to think in France of Leboncoin, ParuVendu, Vivastreet or in Canada of Kijiji and Lespacs.

Many dealers also offer used and serviced scooters with warranty discounts. A good way to save on the purchase of a scooter of which you are certain (or almost) of its mechanical condition.

3. Look for your scooter on Marketplace Facebook ?

Why not use Facebook to find a used scooter that will fit your budget? Since the introduction of Marketplace on Facebook it is even easier to buy things for the house, garden furniture and evenbuy a cheap scooter!

At the time of writing this article I find more than a hundred offers of used scooters and motorcycles for sale on Marketplace! It doesn’t matter what country you live in, it’s a great way to save big.

You can also join the many « BlackMarket » groups found on Facebook. You will find a cheap scooter there every time!

4. Buy a less expensive brand of scooter

Of course, many of us want to buy a beautiful Vespa scooter, right? If you are looking for a new scooter but do not want to spend a large sum of money, it is better to go to another brand. Vespa is good but it’s expensive so which brand to shop?

Scooter brands like:

Several scooter models are of good quality while being less expensive than other more well-known major brands. You have to be ready to make certain compromises, especially when you have a budget to respect for this type of purchase.

5. How much to pay for a scooter?

Depending on the model, brand, engine power and other mechanical characteristics the price of a scooter can vary enormously.

For example, if you are looking to buy a Kymco or Keeway scooter, depending on the model, the price to pay for a new scooter is around 1500 to 1900 euros. If you look at slightly higher-end models like Vespa or others, the price will be more between 3500 and 6000 euros.

So can you afford to buy it? For those who wish, it is also possible to use a scooter credit for the purchase of such a vehicle. But the best thing to do is to always stick to the amount you set for yourself at the start.

6. Buying a Mini-Scooter is TOP!

A real scooter usually costs more than 2000 euros for a basic model and more than 5000 euros for a more efficient model. Then an electric solution for you is to Buy a Mini-Scooter. ?

There are more and more models of small electric vehicles these days. More efficient than the simple electric scooter, the mini-scooter quickly becomes an interesting alternative for getting around town.

10-Trucs presents below the Inmotion P1, a mini scooter with a range of 40 kilometers. Here it is at the best price right here:

6. Too expensive to buy a new or used scooter?

If you find this vehicle too expensive and you are only looking for a way to get around a short distance, we may have the solution for you! Indeed, why not buy an electric scooter instead for your trips around town?

Scooter to go to work in town:

Opt for a sturdy scooter model designed for adults. Indeed, avoid scooters that are too light, above all designed for children and teenagers. Adult models are much sturdier and some scooters can carry over 250 pounds.

Scooter to entertain the whole family:

However, if you are still looking for a light, compact and foldable scooter model, here is a model that can be interesting for the whole family:

Foldable electric scooter

Foldable electric scooter

  • Ultra light and foldable scooter
  • Maximum speed of 23 kl/h and good acceleration
  • Autonomy of 8 to 12 kilometers depending on use
  • TOP quality price

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