10 wedding photo ideas

Are you going to get married soon?

Whether it’s coming soon or just to dream a little, here are 10 photo ideas for a dream wedding. These are photos taken by real wedding photographers around the world.

You will find for each of the wedding photos the link leading to the website of the photographer in question. 10 Tips invites you to discover 10 wedding photo ideas, some original and others more classic.

10 beautiful ideas for your wedding photos

Summary of tips and tricks:

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1. Visit vangelisphotography.com for more beautiful wedding photos

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2. More photography ideas for a dream wedding on janisratnieks.com

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3. Check out photographsbyanjuli.com for lots of other romantic wedding photos…

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4. Visit the site of the photographer analui to discover other beautiful wedding photographs

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5. What a beautiful wedding photo taken by photographer jenphilips.com

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6. WOW, a wedding photo in the dark… Beautiful! For more ideas hofferphotography.com

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7. What an original idea for your wedding photographer…

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8. Excellent idea if you are getting married in a sunny destination… For more photos millieholloman.com

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9. Simple, romantic and pretty… Visit ulmerstudios.com for more beautiful wedding photography

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10. Simply beautiful as a wedding photo… Do you like it too?

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