2,300-year-old sword in very good condition discovered in China

A team of Chinese archaeologists has made a very beautiful discovery in the south of the country: that of a sword approximately 2,300 years old. What amazes archaeologists is the incredible state of preservation of the artifact, its blade being particularly shiny and sharp.

China Radio International (CRI) reports the beautiful discovery made by a team of Chinese archaeologists in an ancient tomb in the city of Xinyang, located in Henan province, nearly 1,000 km south of Beijing in China. . During an excavation, these archaeologists unearthed an ancient sword which, when unsheathed, revealed a particularly shiny and sharp blade, in superb condition as can be seen in the video below.

According to Chinese broadcaster CCTV, researchers have established that the sword dates from the « Warring States » Period (475-221 BCE), when the ruling Zhou dynasty was involved in a war murderous marked by many battles, and this, until the unification of the Chinese kingdoms by the Qin dynasty. This suggests that the sword was used many times.

After many examinations, this sword should be exhibited in a museum in China. Archaeological discoveries made in this province of Henan are commonplace. In April 2016, for example, archaeologists unearthed coffins dating back 3,000 years from 22 graves. Historians believe that the site was  » a family burial place of wealthy people, probably aristocrats « .


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