3 eco-friendly home innovations that are becoming a reality

Specialists are looking at our everyday objects to make them even more efficient and effective at home. The ecological kitchen, home automation and the therapeutic bathroom are very recent innovations which are beginning to become a reality and to be integrated into society.

These ecological innovations change our lives and encourage us to save and recycle waste. By integrating into our daily life, they allow everyone to become a conscious and responsible citizen.

Whirlpool Green Kitchen

First, Whirlpool’s Green Life kitchen hit the market through kitchen designer Schmidt. Its promise was to equip kitchens with aesthetic, innovative and efficient elements using environmentally friendly materials. In the range of the year 2013, design and energy saving were important areas of development, the Green Life kitchen includes a dishwasher, a refrigerator, an induction hob and the first induction oven . However, you had to put your hand in your pocket to get them. Household appliances excluding furniture and without extractor hood cost 4000 euros, knowing that the oven costs 1600 € on its own.

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The brilliant idea of ​​this ecological innovation is the closed circuit of water and energy, so it is a kind of ecosystem. The heat produced by the compressor in the refrigerator is used to heat the water in the dishwasher. The oven also brings culinary arguments: the manufacturer promises that induction can start cold cooking. Induction also offers even cooking since the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the plate. This kitchen made us dream but with this inaccessible price, it will not become more popular anytime soon and will remain inaccessible to the general public.

The bathroom with chromo-therapy

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The shower with color therapy will have a good effect on your well-being. This principle of chromo-therapy is very old, China and ancient India already spoke about it and thought that the colors had a power on the chakras (our bodily energy centers). Chromo-therapy can relieve various ailments of the body and awaken the spiritual faculties. Each color corresponds to the different parts of the body: the yellow color promotes tonicity and fights against fatigue, the orange color awakens cheerfulness and helps to balance blood pressure, the green color fights against pain in the head, treats insomnia and reduces nervousness and the color blue helps concentration and memory.

Home automation

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This tool allows you to command, control, monitor, program an incalculable amount of things in the house. Home automation works remotely using a box and via the Internet. What can be easier than clicking from a computer, tablet or mobile phone to let them know your needs?

Spending and consuming intelligently is a motive that drives us to use this marvelous tool. Of course this requires a small investment but this system is a real saving in the long term.

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