A beautiful lantern with a tin can

How to turn a can into a lantern?

Are you interested in creating attractive lighting for the garden, the terrace or the fire place? Well the next time you’re thinking of throwing away a tin can, save it and DIY a cute lantern instead.

Elise Engh Studios is a blog maintained by the artist Elise who does some very nice things, including a tutorial on how to make lanterns with tin cans.

The first step in making a lantern out of a tin can is drilling. Drilling a can must be done safely with the right tools.

So here’s how to make holes in a tin can:

  • Place the can in the freezer to reinforce the metal and make drilling the holes easier.
  • Trace the desired pattern with a pencil
  • Take a hammer and start making holes with a nail.

Make sure that the metal does not come out and is not sharp so as not to hurt yourself when handling the can.

Here are some photos that show how to drill these holes:

A lantern with a tin can
Drill holes in a tin can
Make a pattern for a garden lantern with a tin can

2. Finishing and decoration of the lantern

How to hang a tin can lantern?

Once the holes are drilled, you have to successfully hang the lantern. The support will allow you to suspend the lantern or simply to transport it more easily from the garden to the balcony via the terrace.

Super simple to do: first drill 2 opposite holes in the top of the can and use an old coat hanger or wire for support.

Garden lantern stand

Place for painting and decoration:

All that remains is to paint your new lantern with the color of your choice and stick on some decorative elements according to your tastes.

Paint and decorate a garden lantern

This is what the lantern lighting looks like when night is installed. The result is truly sublime and perfect for your beautiful summer evenings on the terrace.

DIY lantern, garden lantern,

3. Other photos of lanterns made with tin cans

To give you other ideas and find the inspiration you need to make and create lanterns with original patterns and colors, I offer you other images below.

A multitude of possibilities to make beautiful garden lanterns!

For other ideas to do with cans, here is an article to discover on the subject: DIY with tin can.

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