A Belgian company will implant a microchip under the skin of employees

In Belgium, eight employees of the New Fusion company volunteered to have an electronic chip implanted under their skin. This chip creates new possibilities within the company, but above all raises serious concerns.

Specialized in technology and digital marketing, the New Fusion company, based in Mechelen in Belgium, offered its employees to have an electronic chip implanted under their skin. Eight of them volunteered and received the chip, a microprocessor the size of a grain of rice inserted under the skin between the thumb and index finger. It costs around one hundred euros.

Opening company doors without keys or badges is now enabled by this chip, but that’s not all.  » This technology offers many possibilities. The chip has a memory, which makes it possible to insert business cards. If you place a smartphone in front of it, you can transmit your contact data immediately to someone “, explains the spokesperson for New Fusion, Vincent Nys, quoted by the Belgian press agency Belga.

As to where this idea came from to the company’s decision makers, the spokesperson explains:  » the idea comes from a collaborator who often forgot his badge « . He added that  » no one has to, this is actually a fun project » before asserting that this is in no way a camouflaged attempt to follow the staff.  » The public reacts with concern and incomprehension, they have a feeling of “Big Brother”. But I believe an iPhone is ten times more dangerous than a chip « .

Indeed, such a project raises criticisms and concerns, expressed by Alexis Deswaef, president of the Belgian Human Rights League.  » It is a real danger. Employees are now being policed ​​to the depths of their flesh. It is a total control tool. We can know at what time the employee started his service, when he took his cigarette break “, he says to Rtbf.

This practice is not new, some citizens of the Czech Republic have given in to the electronic implant to make payments for example. In the United States, such a device also exists to equip Alzheimer’s patients.

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