A cat that bites, 10 tips to stop it

Your cat bites all the time!

Whether it’s to play or to attack, it is quite possible that your cat has acquired the habit of biting. And since this is not acceptable behavior, of course you will have to teach him that he simply has no right to do so.

With a lot of patience and rigor, you can get there with these 10 tips for a biting cat.

1. Push back the cat’s muzzle

Gently but firmly push your cat’s muzzle back with the palm of your hand. In the long run, he will understand that he has no right to bite.

2. Shout NO

Cats are nervous and easily afraid of noises. If your cat bites you, shout NO very loudly by clapping your hands.

3. Water it down

Keep a spray bottle filled with water handy. When your cat bites you, spray it with some water. It’s not pleasant for the cat, but he should quickly understand that people shouldn’t be bitten.

4. Not using your hands

Be careful not to play too much with your hands when having fun with your cat. He’ll think it’s a game and he’ll bite you. It’s a habit he absolutely shouldn’t get into.

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5. Blow the cat’s face

If your cat bites you, blow very hard in the face! It should quickly grab it and should therefore stop biting you.

6. Lock him in a small room

Every time your cat bites you, lock him in a small room. Wait at least 30 minutes before taking it out.

7. Walk away and ignore your cat

When your cat bites you, say NO and walk away completely ignoring it.

8. Give him toys

Maybe your cat needs to chew while playing. To do this, give him toys that can satisfy this desire.

9. Crack a plastic bottle

By cracking a plastic bottle, your cat will be very afraid of the noise and sooner or later he will come to understand that he has no right to bite.

10. Your cat wants to play

Your cat just wants to play with you. Unfortunately the game often continues with small bites. You must tell him no and try the various tricks mentioned above.

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