A few seconds of charge and a week of autonomy for this mini-battery

In the United States, a team of researchers has developed an alternative to the Achilles heel of many electronic products: the battery. Here, the innovation offers a range twenty times greater than conventional lithium batteries.

With an autonomy and a lifespan far superior to lithium batteries while offering a derisory charging time, the mini-battery developed by researchers at the University of Florida (United States) seems ideal. This is a supercapacitor that would be able to offer autonomy 20 times greater than current products on the market, but which could also be recharged up to 30,000 times without loss of performance, compared to only 1,500 for technology lithium ions.

For these researchers, the other significant advantage of this innovation is in the charging time reduced to the maximum. Thus, they assure that for just a few seconds of charging, this battery will be able to power a device for a week. In the journal ACS Nano, these Florida researchers explain how they achieved such a level of performance: their supercapacitor would be able to immediately store energy statically, and therefore quickly, on its surface.

Last advantage offered by this brand new type of battery: its size. Indeed, these researchers have succeeded in finalizing a product as thin as a sheet of paper and with a surface area of ​​a few square centimeters, thanks to its graphene nanostructure. These supercapacitors could be used in phones and other electronic gadgets as well as electric vehicles in the future.

Nevertheless,  » the product is not yet ready for commercialization “, tempers Yeonwoong Jung, one of the researchers behind this innovation.  » But it’s proof of concept, and our studies show it could have high impacts for many technologies. « . We will therefore still have to wait before the arrival of such technology on the market and resolve to continue to recharge our devices, smartphones in particular, regularly.


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