A floor made of thousands of pennies

Do you have a few thousand extra pennies at home?

Here is a really incredible idea to give a unique and rich look to your kitchen floor, bathroom or other rooms of the house!

It is also possible to use pennies to cover a kitchen counter or even a counter for the bar area in the house.

A floor of pennies… Lots of patience!

Here is a photo of all the work needed to make a floor covering with black coins. A word of advice for those who would like to carry out such a project, arm yourself with patience and ask for help from your friends and family. The end result is still very impressive and rich as an effect. The only problem is the amount of pennies you need to have at home to cover an entire floor.

floor with pennies, black penny on a floor,

Make a floor with pennies

Discover the project for a floor made from pennies. To cover the entire surface of this floor, it takes 27,750 pennies! You will find on the link below the image more impressive photos of this great project!

black penny floor, black penny floor,

A shower with thousands of black coins!

What a great idea to cover the entire inside of the shower with pennies! With the white grout, the look is really perfect for this shower and this lovely bathroom.

shower under black, ceramic shower under black,

For a shiny floor it is of course necessary to use clean and shiny coins. So I suggest you this article: Tip to make coins shine.

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