A lemon as an ant repellent

How to use lemon to keep ants away?

Elsewhere on 10-trucs.com we deal with ants but if you are looking for a quick and effective trick then the lemon is undoubtedly the trick to try at home.

Lemon is a little known trick but which is nevertheless very effective in repelling ants in the house.

1. A lemon to protect shrubs

If you notice the presence of ants around the base of your shrubs, including roses, raspberries, blueberries and other fruit shrubs, lemon is the solution.

  • Cut a lemon into quarters and place the pieces at the foot of the shrubs
  • Leave the lemons to mold and repeat as needed after a few days

You can also use this trick of the moldy lemon in the house to protect the entrances to the house at the level of doors and windows.

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2. Lemon juice against ants

Whether you’re squeezing a real lemon or bottled lemon juice, ants hate the strong lemon smell. Just spray the places where the ants roam with a little lemon juice to quickly get them away from the house.

You can also spray lemon juice as a prevention near doors and windows to prevent ants from invading your interior. For best results you can add a little cinnamon powder to the lemon juice to complete this natural ant remedy.

3. Soak cotton balls in lemon juice

A bit like the previous trick, you can also soak cotton balls in lemon juice, which you then place in different places. It’s a good way to leave it in place longer.lemon smell.

You can therefore place it on the windowsills, doors and even along your kitchen cabinets, for example. In short, wherever ants roam in the house.

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