A museum entirely dedicated to excrement will open its doors in England

On the Isle of Wight located in the south of England, a particularly unusual museum is about to open its doors this Friday, March 25, a museum entirely dedicated… to excrement.

 » They smell bad, are unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous, and yet excrement is everywhere around and inside us. And although it may surprise, they contribute to the wealth of our planet. These are the words expressed by a spokesperson for the Isle of Wight zoo, to whom we owe the opening this Friday, March 25 of the « National Poo Museum », the National Museum of poop.

An extraordinary and, to say the least, unusual experience, intended to teach the public more about a daily subject which, in the end, is little talked about, and which remains relatively unknown. According to this spokesperson, this new institution aims to remedy this and  » was designed to immerse visitors in the fascinating and educational world of excrement. A real treat for children! »

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Among the « specimens » that the museum proposes to discover, we find in particular a 38 million year old turd, or the excrement of many mammals such as meerkats, foxes, cows, owls and even human babies. . What to learn, things…

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Source: iwcp

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