A new wind turbine design that mimics the flight of the hummingbird

Drawing inspiration from nature to develop cutting-edge technology for sustainable development, this is the idea of ​​the Tunisian company Tyer Wind, which has developed a wind turbine that imitates the flight of a hummingbird. A choice that is not trivial.

The main reproach made to wind turbines is their almost zero contribution to the beautification of the landscape, despite a real contribution in terms of clean energy production. The Tunisian company Tyer Wind wanted to provide an answer to this brake by developing a wind turbine whose blades are replaced by wings whose movement imitates that of the flight of a hummingbird.

We are talking about biomimicry here.  » It is the result of a profound and different observation of nature. It’s a remarkable innovation that effectively mimics the movement of one of the most energy-efficient flying travelers: the hummingbird. “, explains the company on its website. It is also specified that it is the only bird capable of hovering, that is to say of standing still, suspended in the air without support or support.

By perfectly imitating the movement of the hummingbird’s wings which perform a movement that draws the number eight, this wind turbine proves to be a very efficient wind converter. with a powerful potential for landscape integration « .

No greenhouse gas emissions for these wings designed in carbon fiber and each measuring approximately 1.6 meters long. Two wings are therefore sufficient to equip a wind turbine to obtain a (pre) industrial power of 1 kWh.

For now, the wind turbine is in the testing phase.  » The first tests of energy efficiency, aerodynamic behavior and material resistance are encouraging “as the company explains to the Inhabitat site, specifying that the results and a possible date of placing on the market in the event of conclusive tests will be published soon on its site.

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