A sap stain on clothing or hair… How to remove it?

How to remove sap from a garment? Staining your clothes with sap can be very unpleasant given the sticky aspect of this resin stain. However, don’t worry, it is possible to make the sap disappear with a few very simple tricks.

10-Trucs offers practical tips and tricks for removing sap from clothing, hair and other surfaces.

1. A solvent to remove the sap easily

Remover is definitely one of the best products for removing this type of “sticky” stain from clothing. Simple, fast and effective here is how to do it:

  • Soak the sap stain with the remover and leave to act for a few minutes.
  • Also soak a cloth and rub the resin stain.
  • Finish by cleaning the stain with water and Marseille soap.

You can also use turpentine or makeup remover to remove sap from clothes.

2. Hot water to loosen the sap stain

Hot water is an easy and 100% free way to clean a sap stain from clothing. Depending on the type of fabric, this trick is really effective!

  • Pour hot (very hot) water over the garment.
  • Leave for a few minutes and gently rub the stain. (Do not rub too hard so as not to damage the fabric).
  • Blot the stain and repeat if there are still sap residues on the garment.

Hot or boiling water is useful for other stains as in this other article: How to remove wax?

3. Iron: heat against sap stains

Heat is an effective trick against sap and other sticky fabric stains. Here’s how to use iron against resin:

  • Lay down a paper towel and press down on the sap stain
  • Pass the hot iron over the top on paper towel. (The paper will absorb the vast majority of the sap stain.)
  • Then remove the rest of the sap with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  • Rinse garment to complete cleaning.

The iron trick is also effective against glue as this article demonstrates: How to remove glue from clothes?

4. An ice cube: the cold as an anti-stain

Cold, like heat, is another way to remove sap stains and other stubborn stains from clothes. Simple and quick here is what to do:

  • Place an ice cube to cool and harden the resin.
  • Take the back of a spoon and scrape out all the « plaque » of sap.

You can like the trick of the iron, finish with a small rubbing of methylated spirit to clean the last residues of sap.

5. Marseille soap

If you like natural tips, you certainly have Marseille soap at home, don’t you? So here’s how to use it on fabric:

  • Gently rub the stain with the soap and leave to act for about twenty minutes.
  • Then rub the stain with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Rinse the garment and finish on the regular cycle in the washing machine.

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6. 90 degree alcohol to thoroughly clean the stain

Household alcohol, like solvent, is an « extremely » effective and fast product for removing sap from clothing.

  • Soak the sap stain with 90 degree alcohol and leave to act for 2 minutes.
  • Gently scrub the stain with a cloth or soft-bristled brush.
  • Finish cleaning in the washing machine.

To successfully remove pine or fir resin completely from the hair you need:

  • patience
  • a hair comb
  • vegetable oil

Dip the comb in vegetable oil and gently comb the sap-stained hair. Repeat until the sap is completely removed from the hair.

You can also use hot water with lots of hair conditioner to completely remove the sap from the hair.

8. Butter or oil to remove the sap on the skin

Butter or vegetable oil can also be useful for removing a sap stain. What’s great is that you can use it to remove sap:

  • on the skin
  • in the hair
  • on a garment

Simply remove the excess resin with the back of a spoon, for example, and then rub the stain with vegetable oil.

Note that you can use any oil to remove sap from skin, clothing or hair.

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