A tsunami of clouds descends on the city of Sidney

A tsunami of clouds swept over Sidney late last week. These clouds in the form of waves of an ominous gray offered breathtaking images.

More fear than harm for the inhabitants of the city of Sidney who saw an impressive wall of clouds land on the Australian coast. Recalling the gigantic tsunami waves, the unrest was announced by the Australian authorities, warning the population against the risk of violent winds, hail and very heavy rains.

This benign phenomenon is well known to meteorologists. It is indeed an arcus, a type of cloud that takes the form of a roll and moves very low in the atmosphere. Barrier clouds are caused by the mixing of moist air with strong winds and form ahead of a thunderstorm.

The inhabitants of Sidney, impressed by the phenomenon, obviously wanted to immortalize the scene and flood social networks with the hashtag #SydneyStorm. Here is a timelapse video of the wall of clouds rolling over Bondi Beach:

Source: Ubergizmo, Youtube

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