Aeronautics: This is what the aircraft door of the next generations will look like

A French company has just presented the new aircraft door which may equip commercial aircraft in the more or less near future. Say goodbye to mechanical doors, make way for the electric door that opens and closes at the touch of a finger!

Mainly known for its seaplanes, the French group Latécoère is a century old. Founded in 1917, this company, which marks the beginnings of the aeronautical industry, has decided to strike a blow this year by unveiling the Next Generation Door (Nexged) project, which has already required six years of work.

In the process of being finalized and optimized, this new generation door in composite material is absolutely not mechanical, simply because it works thanks to the aircraft’s power supply. In the event of a device failure, the door continues to operate thanks to a backup battery.

The door of the future probably requires no effort since a simple pressure of the finger allows the opening and closing of the device. Another novelty, the presence of a screen connected to two cameras to observe what is happening outside the device day and night. According to Latécoère, such a device will facilitate the work of aircraft personnel and increase safety.

“An aircraft door today, with its slide, is about 200 kilograms. On this door, there is an electric motor that operates the lift,” says Roland Rousset for Aeronews TV, aerostructures engineering manager at Latécoère. The expert also explains that this substantial weight is currently moved by the air hostess by acting on the handle of the mechanical door.

The Latécoère group has declared that it wants to continue working on its prototype in order to reduce its weight as well as its price. One day, this famous door may be integrated into the future programs of aircraft manufacturers.

Here is the short report produced by Aeronews TV followed by the official video of the Latécoère Group:

Sources: Aeronews TV – The New Factory

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