Against planned obsolescence, a company creates a wear-resistant autonomous solar motor

A French company has developed a solar motor that requires no maintenance and has an unlimited lifespan. An invention that is intended to be used in countries where money and skilled labor are lacking.

The race for ever more “low-cost” consumer products has accelerated the logic of obsolescence, already a full-fledged concept of productivism. The solar field is no exception to the rule, and now thousands of motorized solar installations in emerging countries no longer work, for lack of skilled labor to repair them.  » Traditional motors need to transform the current when the latter comes from photovoltaic modules. However, either this transformation system is mechanical and it wears out, or it is electronic and the components are aging. There are then breakdowns to be repaired without necessarily having the components or the workforce to remedy them. explains Grégory Deren, manager of Sauréa.

This company then offers a superb alternative to solar motors, an invention that we owe to Alain Coty who designed a solar-powered motor intended to last without ever wearing out, and perfectly autonomous, weather-resistant and having no parts that may wear out over time. It is activated by light and lasts between 20 and 25 years, which is the lifespan of photovoltaic cells. Ecological, it is also much more economical, since it requires no repair costs throughout its lifespan.


It is only natural that this Sauréa motor should be aimed at poor countries with high levels of sunshine, to come to the aid of populations in need. Indeed, this engine will be able for a very long period to access basic needs, such as providing access to water by autonomous pumping of a source, or even automated watering of crops.

Ecological, durable, economical, autonomous and without risk of breakdowns, the advantages of this solar engine are numerous and consistent, which has already earned the Sauréa team numerous distinctions.

Sources: mrglobalization, saurea

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