Age spots, 10 tips to remove them

How to reduce age spots on the face?

Age spots, or if you prefer brown spots, are a sign of aging that people absolutely do not want to appear on their face. Unfortunately age spots are still very common in women, and this, from the age of about 40 years.

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, if you are looking for tips and advice to remove or rather reduce brown spots on the face, you have come to the right place! therefore offers you its tips and tricks for removing age spots naturally.

1. Age spots and lemon

Lemon has an impressive lightening power so why not use lemon juice to remove or rather reduce age spots on the face?

For this natural trick you simply have to cut a lemon in half and pass the lemon over your skin every day to lighten age spots. As the lemon is rather powerful do not hesitate to apply a good moisturizer at the end. The lemon trick can also be interesting against the premature skin aging.

Feel free to mix lemon juice with aloe vera if the skin reacts badly to direct contact with the lemon.

2. Parsley juice to fade age spots

Do you like testing grandmother’s remedies? Well here is a natural trick based on parsley juice. Yes yes, parsley juice is apparently very effective in removing or rather reducing brown spots on the face and body.

For this grandma’s trick you need several sprigs of freshly picked parsley from the garden. Transform the parsley branches and leaves into liquid to form a parsley juice. You can use a juice extractor, you know a juice extractor that you can find everywhere, to reduce the parsley to juice.

Once juiced, simply apply it directly to age spots, whether on the face or elsewhere on the body. It is important to repeat this trick several times every week to see a real difference on the skin.

With this parsley juice tip your skin will be clearer and your dark spots less visible than before.

3. Natural Remedy for Age Spots

10 Tips likes to find and test different homemade recipes to treat, cure or at least relieve certain health problems. Here is a very simple recipe that will help erase age spots:

You need only 3 ingredients:

  • 250 ml aloe juice will see
  • 250ml lemon juice
  • A few drops of castor oil

Mix the 3 ingredients well and apply the mixture to the skin for 30 minutes and repeat this treatment for 6 weeks. You should see a good reduction in dark spots on the skin.

If you find that your skin is aging too quickly, here are some other tips to discover: Aging skin, what to do?

4. Remove Dark Spots Naturally With Onion Juice

An onion… And yes, an onion or rather onion juice can help you gradually remove spots on your face. Well it is important to say that this trick only helps to reduce, so if you want to completely eliminate brown spots you will have to try one or more of our tips.

Two options are available to you either you cut an onion in half and you rub the spots directly on the face and body or you transform an onion into onion juice and apply it once more on the spots.

To make this trick even more effective, you can add cider vinegar to the onion juice or soak the onion directly in the cider vinegar.

5. Castor oil and argan oil to remove spots

If you had to choose a natural product to remove or rather fade dark spots on the face then castor oil and argan oil are the choices to make. To do this, simply apply a little castor or argan oil directly to the age spots. If you had to choose only one then know that:

  • Castor oil is really excellent for reducing them, provided you apply it regularly to the spots.
  • Argan oil is quite excellent for preventing age spots. It is excellent as an anti-aging treatment.

10 tips offers you below the 2 oils so that you can use them at home as a care for the face and the body.

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6. Brewer’s yeast against dark spots

Brewer’s yeast is another natural product that can be effective against dark spots on the face and other small facial defects such as wrinkles for example. As brewer’s yeast contains many antioxidants, it significantly helps fight against sagging skin and other signs of aging.

So how do you use brewer’s yeast? Mix a little brewer’s yeast with a little water and apply everything on the face as if you were making a mask. Leave on for about 30 minutes and repeat once every week to see a real difference in dark spots but also wrinkles and other signs of aging on the face.

7. Milk and cucumbers to fight age spots

Here is another grandmother’s recipe that will help you effectively and naturally fight against age spots on the face. All you need for this anti brown spot recipe is milk and a cucumber. Here is how to prepare this mask:

  • Cut a cucumber into slices and add them to 1 cup of milk.
  • Leave to stand for about 3 hours and pass the mixture through a blender.
  • Apply the mixture directly on the face and particularly on the spots
  • Leave on overnight or at least 1 to 2 hours before rinsing the face well.

Thanks to the lactic acid present in milk and the vitamin C in cucumber, your skin will be free from its dark spots.

8. Be careful with the sun!

As with other types of signs of aging, dark spots on the face are often caused by exposure of the skin to the sun over the years. Despite good sun protection on the face and body, age spots can still appear with age.

Here are some precautions to take on sunny days:

  • Always apply sun protection with a minimum of SPF 30
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Wear quality sunglasses
  • Wear clothing to protect the skin when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Apply a good moisturizer after a long sunny day

If you are looking for other moisturizing tips, come and read this other article: How to moisturize your skin naturally?

9. A treatment to remove dark spots on the skin

On we offer above all natural tips and practical advice to reduce age spots, but there are other more effective treatments. If you really want to remove, but really completely remove the spots on the skin then you will necessarily have to turn to aesthetic treatments.

Regardless of the dermatological treatment you choose to eliminate spots on the face and body, there is a price to pay. Unfortunately the cost is often very high but tell yourself that in the end the brown spots will no longer be there! Here are some aesthetic treatments:

  • The Q-switched laser: the same laser used to remove tattoos.
  • The anti-stain peeling: peeling that removes layers of skin that are damaged.
  • pulsed light: technique that does not damage the tissues close to the brown spot.

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