Alcohol at 90 degrees, 10 things to do

There is so much to do with this product from home!

Alcohol at 90 degrees allows us to achieve all kinds of things and sincerely, this product is a great ally in our daily lives. We don’t always realize it, but it is.

To inspire you further, here are 10 things to do with 90 degree alcohol.

1. Clean furniture with 90 degree alcohol

A little alcohol at 90 degrees on a soft cloth and the cleaning of the house will be a success! But be careful not to damage your old wooden furniture.

2. Remove dust

A little too much dust for your taste? Well, use 90 degree alcohol to make it disappear!

3. Remove varnish

If you need to remove polish, use 90 degree alcohol first.

4. Clean mattresses

Rub the mattress stains with 90 degree alcohol and a little water. Rinse afterwards.

5. Clean coffee stains

Coffee stains will quickly come off surfaces such as cushions with a little 90 degree alcohol.

6. Dissolve Fat

Do you have greasy surfaces? Use 90 degree alcohol to remove grease quickly!

7. Clean jewelry

Soak your silver jewelry in a little alcohol at 90 degrees for 2 minutes.

8. Against juice stains with 90 degree alcohol

Absorb as much juice as possible with a paper towel and clean the rest with 90 degree alcohol and water. Thus, there will be no sticky feeling afterwards.

9. Maintain your nail polish

Do you find that your nail polish lacks luster? Add a few drops of 90 degree alcohol to your bottle of nail polish and stir.

10. Remove ink marks

If ink has leaked onto your sheet of paper, dab the stain with a cotton ball soaked in 90-degree alcohol. team, stuff to do with 90 degree alcohol

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