AliceX, or when virtual reality makes it possible to have a girlfriend

This brand new service will allow anyone equipped with a virtual reality headset to date an equally virtual girlfriend. This paid service officially aims to fill the celibacy of the most lonely people, but in reality has a strong sexual connotation.

The initiative appears quite serious and is not intended only for romantics in search of a soul mate, even fictitious. AliceX, a platform available through internet browsers, would place itself on the lucrative market of sexcams (or camgirls).

The user, who will have to get his hands on the wallet, will first have the task of filling in his profile and creating an account. Then, the latter will have access to a catalog where many women are present, whose characteristics cover all the different tastes and ages specific to each.

Once his choice is made, the client will have access to an online show. He will be able to interact with the chosen woman and give her directions. For romanticism, we will come back. There is obviously a charge for the service (in “coins”): 20 coins per minute to spy on another man’s conversation with one of these women, and 200 coins to have the exclusive right to “chat” with them. There are a good number of sites offering this kind of service, but as far as AliceX is concerned, the novelty is therefore well and truly located at the level of virtual reality.

Indeed, the developers have clearly bet on this attraction and the platform is optimized to work with virtual reality headsets such as Gear VR, Zeiss VR One, Homido or Cardboard. The availability on browser is also a wish of the developers, wanting to make easier the access to AliceX, without needing to install an application. The only obligation is to have in one’s possession a smartphone running at least under Android 5.0, at least for the moment. The site even offers to ship helmets to future users, for a fee.

The sex industry tends to rely more and more on virtual reality, supported by various producers or pornographic sites, for example Marc Dorcel, PornHub or Jacquie et Michel.

Sources: FredZone – UberGizmo

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