Anti-moss and concealer for the spa

How to clean and maintain a spa?

Having a spa at home is great, isn’t it! But just like a swimming pool, a spa requires regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent the formation of algae and yellow rings.

Here are anti-moss tips, but also tips and advice on spa disinfection, filtration and maintenance. Happy cleaning!

1. Homemade spa anti-moss recipe

Before moving on to anti-foaming products, do you know why there is sometimes foam in your spa? Here are some contributing factors:

  • The water in your spa is not sufficiently treated, especially with regard to active oxygen.
  • Presence of certain products in the water such as soap, sunscreen, body and hair gel, etc.
  • Too much use of your spa in a short period of time.
  • Your water is too soft, causing foaming.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really an effective home recipe for moss control, but some anti-moss products can be purchased and found easily in stores and online.

How to prevent the appearance of foam in your jacuzzi spa?

  • Thoroughly clean the pipes when draining, once a year.
  • Shower before entering the spa to remove soap and cream residue from your body.
  • Regularly check the pH of the water, which should be around 7.3.

If you do not take the time to maintain and clean your spa regularly, yellow or brownish marks and rings may appear on the surfaces of the spa.

Yellow rings on the walls of a spa are often caused by water contamination and poor maintenance.

So whether it is an inflatable spa or a real jacuzzi here are some of the possible causes:

  • Improper cleaning and maintenance of spa and drains.
  • Incorrect pH level rendering disinfectants inactive.
  • Misuse of disinfectants.
  • Incorrect filtration time.

Use a cloth or sponge with a mild cleanser and scrub the inside of the spa well, particularly around the water line, to remove yellow rings and other unsightly marks.

To avoid the formation of foam, algae, yellow rings and to avoid water contamination, it is your duty to properly clean and maintain your jacuzzi spa.

Here are some simple steps to properly clean a spa:

  • Use a net or a small landing net to remove leaves and other debris that float on the surface of the water.
  • Regularly clean and scrub the walls of the spa, especially at the water line.
  • When emptying the spa, take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the bottom of the spa and the walls.
  • Use a pool and spa handheld vacuum to thoroughly clean the bottom of the spa.
  • Regularly clean the filter of your spa with a brush specially designed for this purpose.

4. Tips and tricks for cleaning and properly maintaining your spa

Finally, here are some practical tips and tricks for properly maintaining your spa this summer and throughout the year:

  • Check the water quality weekly: To be comfortable in your spa, it is essential that the water is of good quality. Every week, you will therefore have to ensure its quality by checking, among other things, the pH level.
  • Clean the spa regularly: With cleaning and disinfectant products suitable for spas as well as with good brushes, you will need to clean the edges as well as the bottom of your spa regularly.
  • Remove debris in the spa: Since the spa is often outdoors, it is normal for debris such as branches, leaves or insects to fall into the water. Take care to remove this debris whenever you see it.
  • Put a cover on your spa: Most spas are sold with protective covers. They are used to protect your spa against debris, but also to retain its heat during the night. Every evening, it is therefore important to put the cover back on your spa in order to protect it properly.
  • Use good hot tub products: It is possible to buy products against algae and moss. These products will help your water stay clearer and cleaner. As for foam, we are mainly talking about foam from beauty products such as shampoo and body cream.
  • Drain spa water: It is important to change the water in your spa at least every 8 to 12 weeks. This then allows better cleaning of the inside of the jacuzzi.
  • Rinse and tie your hair: When you go to your spa, first take a shower to remove all dust and soap residue from your body and tie your hair back.

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