Anti moth and anti larvae, 10 effective tips

Do you have a serious problem with larvae and moths?

Butterflies are superb insects, but when we talk about moths (insects of the butterfly family) it becomes something completely different.

To ward off this type of butterflies, there are some good simple and easy to use tips. Do you want to know them? So here are 10 anti-moth tips, just for you!

1. Use a food moth trap

Food moths are the little moths that lurk around our food in cupboards, among other places. To get rid of it, you can use a trap that uses sex hormones. The latter attracts the males to a sticky surface which therefore prevents them from reproducing.

2. Use food moth repellent

Place in your cupboards and cupboards a few cups with lavender, bay leaf or cloves. The smell will repel food moths.

3. Another repellent against food moths and small butterflies

Mix a few drops of neem, clove, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils. Mix everything with water and spray your cupboards as well as the walls and floors of your kitchen to repel unwanted food moths and small moths.

4. Use an effective caterpillar treatment

Caterpillars are butterfly larvae. To get rid of it, you can use a treatment based on rotenone. Its impact will be minor on the environment compared to other products.

5. Use cedar wood against butterflies

To repel moths, you can place a few pieces of cedar wood in your chests or cabinets. Moths and butterflies will hardly like this smell!

6. Use Moth and Moth Repellent

The moth ball is a powerful repellent against moths. Otherwise, you can use mothballs, which are also very effective against butterflies and other small unwanted critters.

7. Use concertina paper against moths and butterfly larvae

Simply hang your accordion paper sheets in your closet to repel these insects! These accordion papers are sold in stores and are very effective to keep butterflies away and other insects.

8. Use insecticide

Use a special moth and moth insecticide or a special moth and larvae spray to kill them outright.

9. Use nettle manure against butterflies

Put a little on your cabbage plants to ward off butterflies and larvae that will eventually find their way there.

10. Prevent closet moths

To do this, you must absolutely clean and ventilate your cupboards regularly! This is the first step in preventing the future appearance of moths in your cupboards! team, anti moth and anti larva stuff

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