Anti rodent, 10 repellents against rodents

How to keep rodents away?

Despite the fact that they can be beautiful, harmless-looking little beasts, rodents can still be real walking pests. Indeed, most rodents will not hesitate to attack your electrical wires, your materials, your car, your plants, your pipes and your pipes.

And that’s not counting all the diseases that rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels can carry. So if these little buggers worry you as much as we do here are our best natural repellents and anti-rodent products to quickly keep them away.

1. Ultrasonic rodent repellent

Ultrasonic repellents are small devices that emit sounds that are imperceptible to human ears, but oh so irritating to rodents. The ultrasonic device is therefore a good way to scare away rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels and other small unwanted animals.

There are several models of ultrasonic repellents to keep rodents away, but also insects from the house. The advantage of this anti-rodent product is that it does not require any poison or chemical product to work.

10 Tips offers you below an ultrasound model to scare away rodents from the house that can be used inside the house and the apartment:

Ultrasonic repellent, Victor

Ultrasonic repellent, Victor

  • Device to keep rodents away from the house
  • Ideal against mice, rats and weasels
  • For attic, attic, kitchen, basement, etc.
  • TOP quality price

2. Avoid litter to keep rodents away

Don’t let rubbish and rubbish accumulate near your house as they will further attract rodents and other unwanted wildlife. Mice, rats, raccoons, skunks and all other small rodents and animals will love to mess around on your balcony.

So instead of leaving the trash bag lying around the edge of the door, take it and throw it in the outside trash can. Waste should never be put anywhere other than in the garbage cans, especially if you are camping or at the chalet in the woods.

3. Rodents in the attic?

The attic is a place where many rodents like to go to get inside houses. Simple small holes or cracks are enough for rodents to enter the attic. Seal all the holes well to prevent mice, rats, squirrels and other small rodents from entering.

If you know that mice are wandering around the attic or elsewhere in the house then you need to catch them quickly before you have an infestation all over the house. The electric trap is therefore an excellent rodent control product to have at home.

Here is an electric rat and mouse trap to capture and kill rodents in the attic and elsewhere in the house. This is one of the traps currently very popular with our visitors and Internet users.

4. Capture rodents alive

If you don’t like having to kill mice, rats and other small rodents then why not capture them alive? There are indeed traps as well as cages to capture the critters alive, without killing them and without harming them.

Once the rodent has been captured, all you have to do is release it back into the wild, taking care to get as far away from the house as possible. Here is a very popular and very effective trap for catching small rodents in the house and outside in the garden.

catch trap

catch trap

  • Catches mice, rats, field mice and dormice
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to use and install
  • TOP quality price

This cage is ideal for capturing rats and mice without killing them. Here is another article with several “human” mouse traps: How to catch a live mouse?

5. Rodent repellent plants for the garden

If you want to keep rodents away from your garden and your flowerbeds naturally then why not plant here and there some anti-rodent flowers and plants.

Here is a selection of plants to use against rodents:

  • Mint against mice and rats
  • Garden spurge against moles and small rodents
  • Wormwood against mice and insects
  • The incarvillea to keep rodents away
  • Hyacinths are very repellent plants
  • The imperial crown

Anti rodent plant

6. An anti-pet trash can!

To avoid attracting rodents and wild animals, always use airtight bins that will be tightly closed. Do not leave any garbage lying around and make sure that they are inaccessible to these little beasts.

In addition to attracting rodents, garbage cans are very attractive to skunks and raccoons, so be sure to close garbage cans on the outside. For example, you can place a large rock on the lid to prevent rodents and other wild animals from accessing it.

You can also buy an outdoor trash can with airtight lid like this one which is very popular online:

Anti animal trash can

Anti animal trash can

  • Ideal trash can against rodents and wild animals
  • Closure with sturdy clips
  • 23 liter capacity
  • TOP quality price

7. Anti-rodent mesh

As small rodents can easily sneak around to enter a house or a shed, it is better to protect access with a fence.

It is simply a mesh that allows air to pass through, but does not let rodents, including mice, rats, squirrels and others, pass through. You can install these meshes at the top and bottom of a cladding, at the end of a pipe or even on your basement windows.

The fence therefore remains an excellent anti-rat and mouse device but also against all other types of rodents and small wild animals. You will find anti-rodent grids in some garden centers or department stores. You can also make your own anti-rodent system with wire mesh that you find online right here:

8. Cat litter as rodent repellent

cat litter as a rodent repellent

To hunt a mouse or a rat in a house, a cottage or a farm, the cat remains the most effective tips and tricks! But since we don’t all have a cat as a pet, how can we keep rodents away from the house?

Simple, just use a bit of cat litter as rodent repellent! Unfortunately, for this trick to be really effective against rodents, you need real dirty cat litter. So grab a shovel and a bag and ask your neighbor, friend or sister for some kitty litter.

  • Put the soiled litter in a stocking and tie a knot.
  • Place the bottom where the rodents roam.

After a few days rodents such as mice and rats will disappear from your home. Don’t forget to throw away the socks and the kitty litter once your rodent problem has been solved!

This trick is really very effective in chasing mice away from the house. For other anti-mouse tips it’s here: Natural mouse repellent.

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