Apple Campus 2: the site of the futuristic fortress soon completed!

The Apple Campus 2 will be the new headquarters of the American giant. Planned to be gigantic and futuristic, the site currently under construction in the Californian municipality of Cupetino should be a real fortress according to what we can see on new images taken by a drone.

Scheduled to be inaugurated in 2017, the new Apple headquarters is nearing completion after several years of work. Although other videos have made the rounds of the Internet, the latest is undoubtedly the most interesting. This is the work of youtuber David Sexton who published it through his channel called Sexton Videography.


The Apple Campus 2 was announced in mid-2011 and the video in question attests to the near completion of the work, as was also expected. The shape of the main building is that of a large circle, the roof of which is covered by numerous photovoltaic panels. In its central part, the latter should accommodate a garden with numerous paths, an amphitheater, points for eating and a terrace in order to provide a pleasant living environment for the 13,000 workers planned (see partial plan below) .


Elsewhere on the site there will be plenty of car and bicycle parking, an auditorium of around 110,000 m², a huge development center and a large residential area.

You should also know that the Apple Campus 2 covers an area of ​​260,000 m² and its cost is estimated at 5 billion dollars, almost three times more than the first headquarters of the firm also present in Cupetino which covers 79 000 m². The site will be ready for the second quarter of 2017, but Tim Cook had already announced that some of the employees could probably move into the premises as early as January.

The complete and detailed plan of the site communicated by Apple is available HERE.

Source: Mashable – Apple Gazette

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