Archaeologists make ‘magical’ discovery in Serbia

At an archaeological site in Serbia, researchers have unearthed human bones, which are dated at nearly 2,000 years. But along with these bones, they also discovered a series of small amulets containing magic formulas engraved on small scrolls of gold and silver.

Fascinating and intriguing discovery than that made by this group of Serbian archaeologists, on the archaeological site of Kostolac, located in the northeast of Serbia. Because if the excavations have brought to light human bones, which are dated at around 2,000 years, this is not the only discovery made by the researchers. Indeed, with the bones, they found small amulets which contained magic formulas engraved on small metal rolls. The translation remains for the moment rather imprecise, although it seems that they are incantations to invoke good or evil.

 » The alphabet is Greek, that’s all we know“, Miomir Korac, researcher at the Archaeological Institute of Belgrade and director of the study, told Reuters.  » The language used is Aramaic, which represents for us a mystery of the Middle East“, he continued. Among the deciphered words, the names of certain demons in particular. These inscriptions were engraved on sheets of precious metals, gold and silver, the size of candy paper, found inside small lead amulets and which could be unrolled with the greatest precaution.

According to archaeologists, the bodies and items found in the tombs were buried around the 4th century AD. Such artifacts had never before been discovered in Serbia, but they point out that these resemble amulets already discovered in other countries. Such spells were commonplace at that time (although further analysis will be needed to confirm the time), and those buried with the dead were used to convey a message to the angels or demons of the other. of the. Often this practice was performed for people who had suffered a violent death.  » The souls of such people took longer to find rest and had a greater chance of encountering demons and deities and thus wishing them to perform their magic.“, explains Ilija Dankovic, archaeologist who participated in the excavations.

Source: Reuters

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