Artistic performance: She lays eggs with her sex

It must be admitted that artists have a lot of creativity, but in this case, can we still speak of art? It seems like the process is. The performance was produced by the Swiss Milo Moiré during the contemporary art fair which took place on Saturday in Cologne. Completely naked, the 31-year-old made a painting by laying eggs with her sex.

This strange performance surprised more than one visitor on site. Called “PlopEgg #1, the birth of a painting”, it aimed to shape a work of art with the body of the artist, thanks to eggs filled with dye which she introduced into her vagina, then “laid” on a canvas.

“During my performance, I was so focused that I didn’t pay attention to the reaction of the audience, but they were quite calm. It is a personal, intuitive experience in which I can develop a deep intensity, but also the sincerity of my art. I create and use the original source of femininity, my vagina. I visualized the very archetype of female artistic power: creation. I used the egg as the birth symbol. The canvas expresses the concept of tabula rasa and the egg itself, once broken on the canvas, has artistic potential,” she confided to the newspaper Le Matin.

Performer and painter, Milo Moiré often uses her own nudity in her works. In 2013, she walked completely naked on the Düsseldorf tram early in the morning, with brand names painted on her body. Note that his work « PlopEgg » should be on sale. It remains to be seen how much contemporary art lovers will be willing to spend, here it is below.


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Source: The Morning

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