Avoid windshield fogging: interior and exterior

How to avoid fogging on the car windshield?

There’s nothing worse than a foggy car when you want to leave quickly. It can even be dangerous if it happens while driving! Foggy car windows are one of the most common moisture problems.

A car acts like an enclosed compartment and tends to retain a lot of moisture. Moisture that enters does not come out easily, causing condensation on windows. But no worries! Here are some tips and tricks to reduce the humidity in your car to prevent condensation and moisture buildup and hence fogging of the windows.

1. Why does fog form on the windshield?

Your car’s interior windows fog up when warm, humid air from inside comes in contact with the cold windows, causing moisture to condense.

If it’s warmer outside and you’re running your vehicle’s air conditioner, the exterior windows of the vehicle will be cooler than the surrounding air. Moist outside air touches the outside of your windows and the moisture condenses there causing fogging.

2. Avoid windshield fogging with kitty litter

A surprising grandmother’s tip is to use the absorbency of cat litter to remove or rather prevent fogging of car windows and windshields.

Indeed, thanks to its absorbent power, cat litter is effective in eliminating excess humidity in a car. Preferably choose litter made of silica, and fill a cotton sock that you tie and place on the dashboard, near the windshield.

You can also put some under the seats, where carpets tend to be damp.

3. Prevent fogging with white vinegar

To prevent fogging of the car’s interior windshield, apply pure white vinegar to it using newspaper. Not only will your windows be sparkling clean, you will prevent them from fogging up.

Did you know? You can also use white vinegar to help naturally defrost a windshield!

4. Soap to prevent fogging on a windshield

You can prevent fogging of an interior windshield by applying a thin layer of soap. To do this you will need:

  • bar soap,
  • a little water
  • a clean, damp cloth.

Start by moistening the soap, and pass it over the entire surface of the windshield. Then pass the laundry to remove traces of soap.

The same trick can be used to prevent fogging of the exterior windshield.

5. Prevent windshield fogging with shaving foam

To prevent fogging of your interior windshield, rub it with shaving foam. Then pass a clean cloth to remove the foam residue. This trick, well known for its effectiveness in the bathroom, is just as effective in the car to remove fog.

6. Other tips to prevent windshield fogging

In addition to the previous tips, remember not to leave wet clothes or objects in your car. Opt for rubber car mats rather than fabric.

If, despite all your efforts, your windshield continues to fog up, have your car seen by a mechanic. Indeed, perhaps there is a leak or a clogged air filter. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the pipe at the bottom of the exterior windshield, in order to remove dead leaves and other debris.

To remove fog from your car windows, start by turning on the fan, directing the air towards the windshield. Choose the demisting option, because the interior air recirculation function will only make the situation worse. The air must come from outside!

Also, hot air will defog your windshield faster, so choose this option.

8. How to remove fog in the car when it rains?

When it rains, the humidity level rises rapidly in the passenger compartment of a car. To remove fog on the windows when it rains, turn on the air conditioning to maximum, directing the cool air towards the windshield.

Oh yes, if you notice fogging in the headlights too, I recommend reading these other tips and tricks: How to remove condensation from headlights?

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