Azuma Hikari, the slightly (a lot) creepy holographic wife

Domestic assistance reaches a new level with the Gatebox marketed by a Japanese company. This indeed proposes the projection of a docile holographic « wife », with unconditional support and who calls her owner « master ».

Those who follow the animated series “ Archer are familiar with Kruger, a whimsical and limitless scientist whose wife is a hologram created according to his tastes. Fiction now meets reality, the Japanese company Vinclu Inc. having created the Gatebox, a home assistant like no other.

This transparent cylinder indeed projects Azuma Hikari, your holographic « wife »,  » a comforting character especially intended for people who live alone « . With her high socks, her mini-skirt and her blue hair, the mini-wife “ does everything possible to please its owner whom she affectionately calls « master ».

In addition to the functions offered by a classic home assistant (like Amazon’s Alexa) such as announcing information such as the weather, little Azuma Hikari will provide unfailing emotional support to her « master ». During his absence, he will receive text messages signed by the wife such as  » Come back home quickly  » or  » I hope to see you soon « . On his long-awaited return home, the owner will see his wife jumping for joy in his cylinder, exclaiming  » I missed you « .

The one who wears a wedding ring also has a story: 20 years old, she likes donuts, does not like insects and would like  » become a hero in order to help the hardworking people in this world « . It recognizes its owner, his face, his voice and understands everything that is said to him to respond naturally.  » When you’re tired or bored, just press the button and have some therapeutic entertainment with your character “, offers the Gatebox site. The more his owner talks to him, the more data he collects (the company therefore) in order to provide him with ever more personalized and ideal support.

According to Gatebox, Azuma allows its owner “ to enjoy the advantages of living together while maintaining their freedom. Pre-orders are already open on the Gatebox site, at the equivalent price of 2,423 euros, for delivery scheduled for December 2017.

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