Bad smell in the washing machine… What to do?

How to get rid of bad odors in a washing machine?

Do you ever get a funny smell from your washing machine at home? As with any other household appliance, it is important to clean the washing machine thoroughly to avoid bad odors.

10 Tips presents you today with tips and tricks for cleaning and removing bad odors in your washing machine.

1. Clean the rubber seal of a front washer

If you have a front washing machine it is very IMPORTANT to clean the edge or rather the rubber seal which is at the bottom of the door.

After washing you should always wipe off the water that gets there before mold forms and therefore releases bad odors.

You can also use soapy water or just white vinegar to clean the washer door seal.

2. Leave the washer door open

When you have finished washing clothes, leave the door of your washer ajar to prevent a damp smell from forming inside the washer.

This is an effective trick for front-loading washing machines because of their very airtight side.

In addition to avoiding bad odors, the simple fact of leaving the door ajar prevents the formation of mold in the washing machine.

3. Clean front washer with bleach

To kill germs that cause bad odors in the washing machine you can use bleach.

Simply run a cycle without clothes or laundry in hot water adding bleach.

Bleach kills germs in the washing machine but also in the drain pipe to quickly remove bad odors.

4. Homemade recipe against bad washing machine odors

Do you like testing grandma’s tips and tricks? Well here is a homemade recipe to remove bad odors in the washer effectively. You need to:

  • 10 to 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup cold water

Mix the 3 ingredients in a container and then pour the mixture into the soap tank of the washing machine.

This is an excellent trick to quickly remove bad odors and restore a fresh and healthy smell to the washer.

5. Odor in the washer drain hose

Do you notice or rather smell an unpleasant odor coming from the drain hose of your washing machine?

It is indeed very important to check if the drain pipe but also if the water inlet pipe of the washing machine are in good condition.

Take the time to check if they are clogged, dirty or crushed, for example. The bad smell in the washer can come from this problem with the drain hose and the water inlet.

No matter the type of pipes and pipes here is another article loved by our visitors: Bad smell in the drain.

6. A white vinegar wash cycle

White vinegar is a popular ingredient for various household cleaning tasks. So why not wash the washing machine with vinegar?

To do this, start a washing cycle with 4 liters of white vinegar at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Bad odors should be much less present with this natural trick.

7. Never leave wet clothes in the washer

If you have the bad habit of leaving your wet and washed clothes in the washer long after the end of the wash cycle, you must quickly change this way of doing things.

This bad habit is a direct cause of bad damp smells in the washing machine and therefore also on your clean clothes.

This is the worst thing you can do because your clothes are likely to stink really badly! Here are a few things about it: Laundry that smells bad, what to do?

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