BBC shares video of lemurs ‘doing drugs’

In his documentary series Spy in the Wild, the BBC invites us to infiltrate the animal world and offers us unique images closer to the animals. It’s an opportunity to remember how touching or mischievous animals can be and how similar to us in certain ways. And sometimes they can also be very funny like these lemurs!

Spy in the Wild is not in the same vein as all the usual animal documentaries. There is indeed the promise of an innovative program that uses realistic animatronics: thirty different robotic creatures and larger than life equipped with cameras that interact with the animals where human cameramen would probably scare them away. This prowess gives us the point of view that we would have if we were animals and it also allows an immersion in the heart of the animal world to see things that we had never seen before.

This four-part series explores four aspects of animal behavior that are sometimes reminiscent of our own ways of being and acting: there are indeed love, intelligence, friendship and love. playfulness.

And it is this last category that interests us here since the last video shared on the page dedicated to the series on the BBC site shows us lemurs finding themselves in a daze. Indeed, not content with rubbing a poisonous centipede on their body as an insecticide against the mosquitoes that attack them, they do not hesitate to put it in their mouths to take advantage of its poison with psychoactive effects. It seems that it does them a lot, a lot, but then really a lot of effect!

The hilarious video of these lemurs:

In addition, find here a video interview related to the project of the show.


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