Best homemade multi-purpose cleaner

How to make a natural home cleaner? Whether it’s a weekly chore or a major seasonal cleaning, house cleaning cannot be avoided! Unfortunately, the cleaning products found in stores are often toxic.

Fortunately there are completely natural, organic and very effective options. Here are the best natural cleaning products for the home.

1. White vinegar as a natural cleaner

White vinegar is the best example of a natural and non-toxic product that can be used in different ways. Indeed, pure white vinegar is an excellent organic household product with descaling, deodorizing and disinfecting powers, which can also fight mold.

White vinegar can be used diluted in water, or you can add a little lemon juice and even essential oils.

How to descale a shower head with vinegar?

Does your shower jet no longer have the same power as before? The openings are probably clogged with scale. To descale your shower head naturally:

  • Pour pure white vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it around the knob to soak it.
  • Leave on for a few hours, overnight if possible.
  • Run hot water for a few minutes to remove scale and limescale residue.

Vinegar is also a great natural product for disinfecting surfaces at home! Come and read all our recipes here: Natural disinfectant recipe for surfaces.

2. Baking soda as a household product

After white vinegar, the other essential product for naturally cleaning your house is baking soda. This natural cleaning product can be used to deodorize, remove scale and restore shine to sinks and washbasins.

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Quality organic and ecological product.
  • Multi-purpose natural cleanser.
  • For kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

How to deodorize a carpet with baking soda?

Does your carpet give off a bad smell? Sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit overnight. Then, vacuum to remove the residue. Additionally, if you have pets whose hair has become embedded in the carpet, this technique will also help lift them off the surface.

To discover all the possible uses of this product, it’s here: What to do with baking soda?

3. Black soap, a great natural cleaner for the home

Black soap is an excellent natural stain remover! It will be effective as a household product to naturally clean the house as well as your clothes!

This organic olive oil-based cleanser is available in paste or liquid form. It can be used to wash floors, degrease dishes, clean windows and more.

Liquid black soap

Liquid black soap

  • Super vegetable and biodegradable cleaner.
  • Replaces all your cleaning products.
  • Ecological solution for cleaning house and garden.

How to clean your clothes with black soap?

For a thorough cleaning of your linens or your clothes, pour 4 teaspoons of black soap and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to perfume your linen, in the water of the laundry. This will give you clean, pleasantly scented clothes.

4. Marseille soap, a natural multi-purpose cleaner

One of the best organic household products is the famous Marseille soap. This natural cleaner has bactericidal properties and will therefore help you wash and disinfect everything in the house, even the dirtiest objects.

Indeed, it can be used to wash wood or PVC floors, maintain your leather sofas, etc. And it’s so gentle, it can even be used for body and hair care!

How to remove a stain with Marseille soap?

Whatever the stain, you can remove it easily by gently rubbing it with slightly damp Marseille soap, so as to form a thin crust. Leave to dry, then emulsify and rinse.

5. The clay stone to make a homemade household cleaner

The white clay stone, also known as the silver stone, is almost miraculous. It will remove the nastiest stains, even ink stains! There are countless possible uses for this natural cleaning product.

It can be used to descale a ceramic hob, whiten tile joints, etc. To use it, just sprinkle a little on a sponge.

clay stone

clay stone

  • 100% natural product
  • Cleans, polishes, degreases and protects
  • All-purpose natural cleanser

How to clean leather with clay stone?

To clean a sofa, jacket or leather shoes, gently wipe with a damp sponge impregnated with clay stone, being careful not to rub too hard as this could damage the surface.

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6. Tea tree essential oil, a top natural disinfectant

Tea tree essential oil, or Melaleuca, has multiple properties: disinfectant, healing, antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic.

A few drops are enough to take full advantage of its benefits, whether during house cleaning or even body care. Make sure you always have a bottle handy!

How to use tea tree oil to disinfect surfaces?

Make your own natural disinfectant product by combining these ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 3 good spoonfuls of hot water
  • 4 drops of tea tree essential oil.

Use this solution as a spray or on a sponge to clean and disinfect surfaces, including kitchen counters, sinks, etc.

7. Lemon, natural and organic sanitizer and disinfectant

What could be more natural than the juice of a fresh lemon? In addition to pleasantly scenting the house, lemon juice combines sanitizing and disinfecting properties.

Plus, it will shine chrome and stainless steel in the kitchen and bathroom where it can remove water spots on the shower door.

How to disinfect a cutting board with lemon?

It may seem difficult to thoroughly clean and sanitize a cutting board made of wood. Fortunately, you can do this easily with the help of half a lemon and coarse salt.

Just cut a lemon in half, sprinkle coarse salt on the plank and rub with the half lemon. Rinse and let dry.

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