Best manual and electric mower

How to choose a lawn mower? It’s summer and the lawn is still growing and growing and you still haven’t taken the time to buy a manual or electric mower?

There is a large selection of models and types of lawn mowers. Today I offer you a little guide to help you choose the best manual or electric mower for this summer.

1. Best electric mower

The most popular of all, of course, is the traditional rotary mower, which is ideal for mowing large areas. Available with either a gasoline engine or an electric motor, the rotary mower is often the best choice for owners of large lots.

Several models of electric mowers:

As there are many models, it is important to consult consumer reviews before purchasing an electric or gasoline-powered mower.

Amazon is definitely the best place to compare mowers to make the best choice and purchase.

Here is just one of the best electric mowers, the Bosh AdvancedRotak mower:

Here are some pictures of Bosc’s AdvancedRotak electric mower:

best electric rotary mower

2. Best manual lawn mower

Do you have a small lawn area to mow?

Is the lawn mostly on flat ground?

Are you a green person who likes to do concrete things for the environment?

If so, then buying a push mower is definitely the right solution for you and your lawn. As its name suggests, the manual mower works only thanks to a mechanism of perfectly articulated blades and of course thanks to your arms and your legs. ?

As there are several models of manual mowers, it is important to compare the characteristics and prices of each.

Here is precisely one of the best manual mowers which could certainly interest you:

Fiskars StaySharp Manual Clipper

Fiskars StaySharp Manual Clipper

  • Premium quality manual lawn mower.
  • Clean and precise grass cutting without friction.
  • Very quiet mower with adjustable cutting height.

Here are photos that show what this manual mower looks like and especially the quality of cut:

top manual lawnmowers on Amazon

3. Choose a mower and edger, 2 in 1

If you have a very small area of ​​lawn to mow then you could choose a 2-in-1 model, a trimmer and a mower at the same time.

You will have understood that this type of garden tool is practical for small areas and especially for flat land only.

Here is a Black and Decker battery-operated lawn mower and edger model:

This is what this 3-in-1 trimmer model from Black + Decker looks like. As you can see in the image below, it is a mower that takes up very little storage space in the shed.

trimmer and trimmer, trimmer 2 in 1

4. An air cushion lawnmower

I’m sure you didn’t know this type of mower existed? And yes, it is possible to purchase an electric mower on an air cushion, which works without wheels.

It is still rare to find this type of mower that floats, but on Amazon you can find some interesting models at good prices.

Perfect for mowing lawns on slopes and around trees!

This type of air cushion mower is ideal for avoiding wheel marks and for making it easier to cut grass on hills, slopes and other hard-to-reach places.

Here is a good choice of Grizzly brand air cushion mower:

Grizzly Air Cushion Mower

Grizzly Air Cushion Mower

  • Electric mower operating on an air cushion.
  • 4 grass cutting heights ranging from 10 to 33 mm.
  • Ideal for mowing lawns on slopes.

5. Choose a robot lawn mower

If you don’t like mowing the lawn at home, there is a solution for you: The robot lawn mower!

Of course, this type of robot mower is not effective for mowing a large area of ​​grass, but for a small or medium one (up to 500 m2 for example) it is a good choice.

Below is a model from Gardena’s Sileno collection. When you visit the link below, you will find robot mower models for larger lawn areas (up to 2000 m2)!!!

Gardena Sileno Robot Lawn Mower

Gardena Sileno Robot Lawn Mower

  • Ideal between 300 m² and 2000 m² depending on the robot mower model.
  • For a clean, fast and above all effortless lawn cut.
  • Adapts to the growth of the lawn, completely autonomous.

6. Even more choices of electric and manual mowers

For those who like to have a lot of choice, here are all the lawnmower models available on Amazon: Choose a lawn mower.

Here you will find all models of lawnmowers such as:

  • Battery lawn mower
  • Electric lawn mower
  • Petrol lawn mower
  • Battery powered robot lawn mower
  • Manual mower
  • Self-propelled petrol mower
  • Air cushion mower, etc.

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