Best winter coat for children: How to choose it?

What is the best winter coat for children? When the cold and winter arrives, it’s time to shop for winter items for the family, including coats for the kids.
If you’re about to buy a kid’s winter coat, here are some great tips and advice on choosing the best coat.

1. Don’t buy a winter coat that’s too big

When you buy a coat for a child, you tend to take it bigger so that it lasts longer.

It’s a good idea, but it would be better to choose a coat a little more fitted than too big so that the child stays warm during the winter.

Think about the comfort of your child above all!

Buying a larger size winter coat to save money I understand the idea very well, but in the end you have to think about the comfort of the child.

To play games outside and in the snow, the child must be able to run, jump and slide, hence the advantage of choosing a coat of the right size.

2. Shop for the coat with your child

The mistake many parents make when shopping for new clothes is to do so without the child.

How do you choose the best winter coat if your child can’t try it on before buying it. Even if the « shopping » may be a little longer and less relaxing, bring your child with you. ?

Always try on the coat before buying!

Always have your child try on the winter coat before buying it. Take the time to watch your child move to make sure they are comfortable in the coat or snowsuit.

Let the child dress alone (according to his age)

Depending on your child’s age, it is best to let the child put on the winter coat to see if he is able to put it on quickly and without difficulty.

Bring a big sweater to try on the coat

Have him try on the winter coat or coats over several layers of clothing to be sure that the coat will be large enough when he goes to play in the snow dressed warmly.

3. Check the waterproofness of the winter coat

This advice on waterproofing is just as good for a child’s winter coat as it is for a teenager’s or an adult’s coat.

Children slide in the snow, play with their knees and buttocks on the ground, make snowmen and snow forts, that’s why waterproofing is essential.

Waterproofing, not just for the coat!

Indeed, it is necessary to check the impermeability of all winter clothing and accessories for your child:

  • the coat
  • the mitts
  • snow pants
  • boots, etc.

If you are also looking for advice on the maintenance of children’s winter boots, read these other tips: How to clean winter boots?

4. A warm, well-insulated coat for her child

Depending on the region and the country where you live, it can get very cold in winter, hence the advice to choose a coat with very good insulation.

Take Quebec for example where the temperature can drop below -20 degrees Celsius for several days during the winter season.

Today with new technologies and new materials, winter coats for babies and children are much warmer and better insulated while being less thick and puffy than before.

Read the labels and specifications of the winter coat carefully!

The labels on the coats will often tell you the level of resistance to cold but also the materials used for its manufacture and its insulation.

So check all these points carefully and if you can, find out from the salesperson who will be able to advise you on buying the best coat for your child or children.

5. Check the fit before buying a winter coat

Beyond knowing if your child is quick enough to put on his new winter coat, it is important to check if he also offers good adjustments.

The best winter coat for your child should at a minimum have:

  • A coat collar that closes well at the neck to cut out the cold air and that rises high enough to hide the neck well.
  • Cuffs that adjust easily to help the child put on their mittens.
  • A hem at the bottom of the coat that allows the coat to be tightened on the child’s body to prevent cold drafts and snow from entering.
  • Check that the hood of the coat also fits and that it is large enough to accommodate a large toque or a helmet.

6. Check the quality of the winter coat

This advice of durability and quality should be taken into account as much for the baby’s winter coat, the child’s or your own coat.

A $50 coat VS a $150 coat!

The “regular” price you will pay for a new winter coat is a good indicator of its quality.

It may be a cliché, but it’s certainly true that a $50 children’s winter coat won’t be as durable and cold-resistant as a $150 coat, for example. Don’t forget your child’s comfort this winter, it’s essential!

A few things to check:

  • Look carefully at the fabric reinforcements in strategic places on the coat and also on the snow pants.
  • Check to see if the coat hood removes easily and attaches securely.
  • Check the quality of the zipper and check whether it can open and close from the top and bottom. It’s really very practical for a winter coat.

7. Other tips for choosing a winter coat

  • Buy a winter coat in showy colors if that also suits your child of course.
  • Buy a complete snow suit rather than individually (snow pants, coat, mittens and toque).
  • Seek advice from a salesperson to be well advised throughout the process of buying the coat.
  • Wait for the end of season sales to buy a winter coat for your child for next winter.

Your child must be warm this winter and it’s mom or dad’s job to make sure! Here is an article for the parent you are: How to be a good parent?

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