Build a hamster and mouse house

How to make a homemade cage for your hamster?

Have you just bought a small hamster or a small mouse as a pet for your child? You can of course buy a cage for your small animal or try to make one.

10-Trucs gives you several ideas and photos to make your own hamster cage or house. Happy DIY!

1. Furniture transformed into a hamster house

WOW, how about this idea of ​​turning a simple dresser into a hamster or mouse house? A great example of an IKEA hacking type DIY project. How do you find this idea?

make a hamster house out of a chest of drawers

2. Make a playground for hamsters

Do you want to build a real playground for your hamster or your mouse? Here’s an idea that your new friend might like:

make a hamster playground

A plank of wood, branches and small tree trunks is all you need to complete this project.

3. Multifunctional hamster and rat cage

Here is another idea for a cage and house to make from a piece of furniture. You will find on the bohemian solace website the steps to build this huge cage which can be used for a rat, a mouse or even a hamster.

make a big cage for hamster and rat

4. A house? A cage? No, a village for hamsters ?

WOW, follow the link below the photos to see all the photos and the steps to plan, build and decorate this hamster village. It really looks like a mini town for hamsters or other small rodents.

Hours and hours of fun for your hamster, guaranteed!

hamster cage in a room
tunnels to amuse the hamsters
hamster tunnels

5. A hamster cage to make with bins

If you don’t want to buy a cage for your hamster you can use storage bins to build a house yourself.

Look at the photo below to get inspired and make your own hamster cage.

hamster cage in a plastic box
Ventilation for a hamster cage

6. House, tunnel, games and much more!

A little big as a house for a single hamster but ideal for a guinea pig or for several hamsters or even for a rabbit.

guinea pig cage

7. Ikea furniture as a hamster house

The Ikea Hacker fashion is still very popular today so why not turn an Ikea piece of furniture (or other furniture) into a hamster house?

Here are several ideas and photos of people (like you and me) having fun transforming furniture into a cage-house for animals.

IKEA furniture turned into a hamster house
Make a hamster house with furniture
Make hamster furniture

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