Build a homemade air conditioner?

A homemade air conditioner for hot summer days for less than $50!

Who said it was expensive to install an air conditioner in the house? Ideal for cooling off during a summer heat wave, air conditioning is really a great invention. How about making your own air conditioning system at home?

10 tips offers ideas and ideas for making a homemade air conditioner to cool you off this summer. Happy crafting friends!

For those looking for a real home air conditioning solution for the next heat wave, 10 tips for a DIY project just for you.

Indeed, here is a video that explains all the steps and the materials needed to make a homemade air conditioner. Of course to build this « air cooler » you have to be a bit of a handyman. If this is not the case, go to the other ideas below where other home air conditioners are offered that are much easier to make.

List of materials needed to manufacture the air conditioner:

You only need a few accessories and materials to make your home air conditioner, here they are:

  • hot glue
  • an exacto
  • A small fan
  • electrical wiring
  • Two PVC end caps
  • A polystyrene cooler
  • plastic bottles
  • And lots of ice cream

2. Other home air conditioner models to make

We have found other ideas and different models of homemade type air conditioners online, whether on Pinterest or Youtube, but it is this one (proposed above) that seems the most efficient and above all that seems to really cool effectively the air in a room.

But if you prefer an air conditioner that is easier to manufacture, this other model might interest you. Easier and faster to build, you will love this little air conditioner on hot summer days and heat waves.

3. A latest model of small air conditioner

Here is another model of air conditioner (similar to the first model proposed on this page) that is efficient and allows you to quickly cool a small room in the house.

4. Buy an air conditioner for the home

Of course if you don’t have the time or the slightest manual talent ? you can turn to buying an air conditioner. 10 Tips offers below a popular model of portable air conditioner (much less expensive than a central air conditioning system).

Here is the Argo Relax Style model, a portable air conditioner with a total of 10,000 BTUs to quickly cool the rooms of the house effectively. In addition to its air conditioning function, this device also dehumidifies and ventilates the house.

Portable air conditioner, Argo

Portable air conditioner, Argo

  • Cooling, ventilation and dehumidification
  • 10,000 BTU portable fan
  • Complete and quick installation kit
  • TOP QUALITY PRICE for this air conditioner

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