Build a wooden Christmas tree

How to make your own wooden tree? We see more and more Christmas decorations made of wood and it is simply magnificent. So how about making an all-wooden Christmas tree?
I offer you 10 great ideas and photos to help you make a wooden Christmas tree. Happy DIY!

The 10 wooden tree ideas to make:

1. A tree with old wooden planks

Why not use all your old planks of wood to make a pretty Christmas tree. Admit that the result is really superb and requires very few tools.

A saw, hammer and nails, that’s all you need to make this beautiful wooden tree.

Christmas tree made with old wooden planks

Here are other ideas to create your Christmas tree simply and easily:

2. A Christmas tree with a wooden pallet

A wooden palette and a bit of painting talent is what you need to create that beautiful Christmas tree in the house.

If you don’t have the space for a real Christmas tree, this tree on a wooden pallet can be a good alternative.

Christmas tree with a wooden pallet

Here are other tree ideas to make and paint on a wooden pallet:

In addition to being able to make a wooden Christmas tree, here are other ideas to do with pallets: What to do with wooden pallets?

3. The most beautiful wooden Christmas tree to make

I agree with you, it’s a bit tricky to make this wooden Christmas tree model, but if you have the wood and the necessary tools, what are you waiting for?

Build a wooden Christmas tree

Here are 4 more photos to give you ideas for building your own wooden tree:

For the last photo, here is the link to discover all the steps, tools and materials needed to make the wooden tree: -from-2h

4. Original as a Christmas tree

How do you find this Christmas tree idea to make with wooden planks?

It may take a lot of time and patience, but in the end it’s simply magical!

wooden christmas tree

If you like this style of tree then here are some other photos and ideas just for you:

5. Make a hanging wooden tree

There are many ideas and photos of hanging Christmas trees online.

So here is an idea to help you make your own hanging Christmas tree. Do you like the idea?

how to make a hanging wooden tree

Here are more DIY hanging wooden tree ideas and photos:

6. Build a “rustic chic” style Christmas tree

Do you like rustic and chic style for a home? If so, you will definitely love this Christmas tree. It’s so beautiful in a Christmas setting.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite wooden fir trees because of its beauty of course, but above all because of its simplicity of manufacture.

fir tree with pallet wood

Here are 2 other simple and easy Christmas trees to make with wooden planks:

7. Wood layering for this tree

Here is another idea for a wooden tree to make yourself. This Christmas tree is the result of a pretty layering of wooden planks and creativity.

make a wooden tree

Here are 2 other ideas to inspire you and build your own wooden tree using this method of layering wooden planks:

8. A triangular-shaped wooden tree

Here is another Christmas trend that has appeared in recent years: The wooden tree in the shape of a triangle.

Make a tree in the shape of a triangle

Here are several more pictures of this type of triangle shaped Christmas tree for Christmas:

9. A plywood Christmas tree

It doesn’t get any simpler than this wooden Christmas tree… All you need is a simple plywood board.

The end result with some Christmas decorations is really pretty.

Christmas tree with a plywood board

Here are 2 more ideas for turning plywood into a pretty Christmas tree:

10. DIY idea: small wooden trees

You can buy her little wooden Christmas trees on the popular Etsy site, but you can also take inspiration from them to make your own with your children.

small wooden Christmas tree to make

Here are other small Christmas trees to build and decorate yourself:

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