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How to avoid pimples after shaving? For many of us, shaving is often accompanied by the appearance of small pimples. Those most at risk are men who shave their beards regularly, and women who wax their bikini area and legs.

Fortunately, there are tips to prevent and avoid pimples after shaving. Here are natural remedies for pimples after shaving bikini line and legs.

1. Pimples after shaving, what are the causes?

There are several reasons why some people get pimples after shaving or waxing.

Causes Of Aftershave Pimples In Men:

In humans, they can be caused by irritation from frequent razoring, or from a poorly maintained or dirty blade.

Causes Of Aftershave Pimples In Women:

For women, pimples often appear in the bikini area, and can also be caused by skin irritation due to repeated passage of the razor blade, or by bacteria that have settled in the pores of the skin following wax hair removal.

2. A good shaving technique to avoid pimples

Pimples that appear after shaving are often due to poor technique. Indeed, to avoid the appearance of shaving pimples, you must shave in the direction of the hair.

However, many shave against the hair, which irritates the skin even more and leads to a problem of after-shave pimples.

To help your skin better withstand repeated razor strokes, don’t forget to apply a good shaving foam. This tip is as good for men as it is for women, and whether it’s for shaving the beard, legs, armpits or bikini area.

3. Prevent razor bumps with exfoliation

Before you shave, remember to properly prepare your skin. The best thing to do to prevent razor bumps is to exfoliate your skin.

Indeed, in addition to eliminating dead cells on the surface of your skin, exfoliation will help eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs.

Choose a scrub product specifically designed for the type of skin you need to shave:

  • the face
  • legs
  • armpits
  • the bikini

Follow the exfoliation with a good moisturizer, which will help keep your skin healthy.

4. Moisturize your skin to prevent razor bumps

Your skin always needs to be well hydrated, but even more so when it has to take the onslaught of a razor or depilatory wax.

Choose a cream or oil rich in moisturizers, suitable for your skin type. Apply it twice a day, every day, after a good cleansing and after each exfoliation.

5. An aftershave product to prevent pimples

To avoid pimples after shaving your beard, choose a good aftershave cream or lotion. This product will preferably be free of alcohol and perfume, which can irritate the skin, and will have strong moisturizing properties.

These aftershave products will help soothe irritated skin on your face and neck, and prevent the appearance of razor bumps.

If you get pimples after shaving your beard, stay out of the sun or at least apply sunscreen. Indeed, the sun could mark your skin affected by shaving bumps.

Despite your efforts to prevent them from appearing, do you still end up with shaving bumps?

Here are some home remedies to treat small pimples after shaving:

  • aloe gel: we all know the soothing effects of aloe gel on sunburn. You will get the same relief on your irritated skin and to treat razor bumps. Apply it to the affected area to soothe your skin and reduce swelling.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic, and it can help heal your razor bumps. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it will calm the itching caused by shaving bumps. Clean the affected areas two to three times a day with apple cider vinegar, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Honey: honey is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It therefore has everything to treat after-shave pimples. Just apply a little on your pimples, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Cold: To quickly relieve irritation after shaving and reduce the inflammation of shaving bumps, you can apply a cold compress, or ice cubes, to the affected area.

7. Medicated products for bikini razor bumps

You will find in pharmacies, various products specifically designed to treat razor bumps in the bikini area. These products are based on salicylic or glycolic acid, witch hazel or aloe.

They apply directly to the area affected by pimples, either using a ballpoint bottle or cotton wool or gauze.

To avoid aggravating the inflammation of shaving pimples in the bikini area, consider wearing loose underwear that won’t rub on the pimples.

8. Antibiotic creams to treat razor bumps

If you notice the pimples turning dark red, they are probably infected. They will then have to be treated like any other wound:

  • Start by washing the affected area well with soap and water, and pat dry.
  • Then apply an antibiotic ointment or cream, such as Polysporin.
  • Repeat the treatment morning and evening, until healed.

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