Calm a dog, 10 tips to discover

How to calm an excited dog?

Dogs sometimes get very nervous. They can also get excited and get a little too euphoric rather than remaining calm and obedient as a dog should be.

A dog too can experience all kinds of emotions and it’s easy for him to get carried away in every sense of the word and thus become too excited. 10 Tips therefore offers you the top of the best tips and tricks to quickly calm an overly excited dog or puppy.

1. Massage to calm a dog

Why massage my dog? If your dog is excited and very upset, for whatever reason or cause, it is important to calm him down quickly. One trick to achieve this is to massage it in a quiet place in the house. So here’s what you can do if your dog is restless or even nervous:

  • Bring the dog or puppy to a quiet room in the house
  • Lay the dog on something comfortable
  • Massage the animal gently while whispering sweet words

You can gently massage your dog’s back, head, paws and ears.

As the massage is very relaxing and restful, your dog should quickly be calmer, less anxious and less nervous. Massage is an excellent remedy for a dog that is often car sick.

Here is a dog bed where your pet can settle down to receive its massage or simply to relax and rest after a long day.

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2. Distract your dog to calm him down

If you notice signs of nervousness in your dog why not simply distract him to quickly change his mind and thus make him less nervous.

Indeed, if your pet is nervous and excited at the same time, you can distract him with a toy he likes or even a treat he likes a lot. He will thus be soothed, calm and his attention will be entirely focused on these objects and his nervousness will dissipate much more quickly.

calm a dog with a toy

3. Exercise your overly restless dog

Regardless of your dog’s age and breed, it is important to exercise it and get it outdoors as often as possible. A dog needs to move, it is necessary and essential to its overall health.

So if you find your dog too nervous in the house take a few minutes to go play outside with him or simply go for a walk in the neighborhood. Your dog will come back calmer and more rested and so will you.

For those looking for a quality leash to walk their dog, here is one at an excellent price:

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4. Offer a stable routine to your dog

A routine is important for humans so why not also establish a routine for your dog or cat? Here are some important tips and moments to insert into your pet’s routine:

  • Give food at set times.
  • Take a walk with your dog morning and evening.
  • Brush the dog’s teeth daily.
  • Brush his hair every day.
  • Caress him and say sweet nothings to him.
  • Let him play with his toys regularly.
  • Take time to play with your dog.

This simple daily routine will make your dog much calmer, reassured and less stressed than before, guaranteed!

a routine to calm your dog

5. Calm an angry or agitated dog with music

How to calm an overly excited dog? With music of course! And yes, music is a very good way to calm down and relax as a human being, so why not use music to calm your pet?

Of course it is important to choose calm and relaxing music to succeed in calming a very excited or agitated dog or puppy. This music trick works especially well in the evening and early morning.

But be careful not to put the music too loud either because it may have the opposite effect on your dog or cat!

calm a dog with music

6. Make him play with other dogs

Social life is just as important for your pet. Just having fun with other dogs will do him a lot of good and make him much less anxious and therefore much less out of control.

In addition, he will get used to other dogs, to the active life outside and he will feel less threatened, less stressed and therefore ultimately much calmer in other situations where he was perhaps less so before. .

Of course, it won’t immediately calm your dog since he will be in action mode, but afterwards, yes, he will be calmer at home and with guests.

Socialize to calm your dog

7. A calm environment for his dog

How do you calm an overly excited dog if the environment in which he grows up and lives every day is anything but conducive to calm and relaxation, for example?

If you really want to help your pet stay calm, you have to provide him with an environment that is also calm. It is therefore necessary to have a quiet house without noise or at least without noise that is too loud and aggressive for the dog but also for you.

You really have to avoid shouting, putting on loud music or agitating yourself too much with sudden gestures. this is all the more important if your dog is often nervous in the evening or early in the morning.

a calm environment to calm your dog

8. Ignore an overly angry dog

You know a dog is a bit like a human, if he is given a lot of importance while he is having a fit or when he is too angry he may want to start again and again to get your attention.

So if your dog gets angry, he won’t let you go to get your attention, he wants to play and he gets excited all the time, you can just ignore his actions and continue to do your things without worrying about it. worry. He will eventually calm down on his own and just move on.

A simple, quick and effective trick to calm your dog, provided of course that you remain constant in your interventions in the future.

9. Calming his excited dog by giving him a bone

If you don’t have any toys handy to give your dog to calm him down and distract him, then a bone could also do just fine.

So if your dog already likes to chew on a bone, you can give it to him now. So he will take some time to chew it and all his attention will be focused on the latter. Little by little your dog will become calmer and less agitated.

If you want to offer something quality that your dog will love to chew on then we have what you need for your pet:

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