Canal + transports us to 2050 with a chatbot as we could find

The encrypted channel Canal + currently transports us to the year 2050 with its programming called A turn to the future. For the occasion, the channel has developed a « chatbot », an artificial intelligence whose mission is to meet all your expectations, and beyond.

In the future robots will become more democratic, for sure. In the meantime, virtual entities are already there, like on smartphones and their virtual assistants. However, the Canal+ channel has designed an artificial intelligence present on its Facebook messaging system. This chatbot answers questions, informs, and also interacts with you in a disconcerting way. Indeed, the simulation of friendship is visibly pushed to the extreme.

It is possible to chat with the Canal+ chatbot by "contacting" chain
It was possible to chat with the Canal+ chatbot by “contacting” the channel

This artificial friend is there to relax you, tell you jokes, notify you of funny information about the future, play and.. laugh with you. This chatbot could give a glimpse of future friendly relations with the appearance in our society of robots equipped with artificial intelligence. This may scare some people, or attract others, everyone will have their own opinion.

Still, the Canal+ channel has also created this chatbot to present the content of its programming A turn to the future which aims to anticipate the future of the 2050s. Among these avant-garde TV programs, there is Future Food, an extraordinary culinary experience, Le futur rascal, composed of two retro-futuristic and fanciful programs, or Futur Football Club, which imagines the football of tomorrow, as well as the way in which this sport will be organized and broadcast.

This latest programme, derived from the current Canal Football Club programme, aims to show the revolutions expected on the football planet in the coming decades, such as the appearance of women in competitions reserved for men up to now, operations of crowdfunding or even stadiums integrating very advanced and hyper-connected technology

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