Castor cake against moles

How to use castor cake against rodents?

Castor cake is above all a 100% vegetable fertilizer which is largely composed of nitrogen. Castor cake is an excellent natural basic fertilizer that will help your plants grow in the spring. But that’s not all, castor cake is also an excellent natural insecticide as well as an excellent repellent.

Indeed, this fertilizer in the form of a granular powder contains a very effective repellent action against rodents. It is therefore an excellent trick to control moles and mice naturally in the garden.

Apple repellent and castor cake

To be really effective against field mice, against mice and against moles, you can mix apple slices with castor oil cake. Then simply push the quarters of apples and castor oil cake into the ground. If you have access to the mole tunnels it is even more effective to push them directly inside them.

To be effective in the long term, therefore throughout the summer, it is necessary to add castor cake in the soil and in the places preferred by the moles regularly. After a heavy rain, for example, don’t hesitate to add this fertilizer to different places in the garden.

Castor cake, a fertilizer against moles

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