Castor oil, 10 things to do

How to use castor oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from castor beans. This natural oil is widely used as a remedy or « grandmother » treatment and is therefore used daily for many things.

Natural, effective and inexpensive, this castor oil should be in the cupboards of all homes. 10 Tips offers you today to discover all that is possible to do with castor oil. Good discovery!

1. Castor oil and constipation

If you didn’t know it yet, know that castor oil is a natural product that can be consumed as a laxative.

Indeed castor oil acts as an excellent natural laxative. So for all those who suffer from constipation regularly, this natural product is ideal for you. As it helps to stimulate the intestines you will quickly feel better thanks to this oil.

For 3 days, swallow in the morning, upon waking, a teaspoon of castor oil to quickly fight against constipation.

2. Reduce scars with castor oil

If you have a few small scars on your face or elsewhere on your body, know that castor oil can help you make them disappear or rather reduce them. This product is effective for acne scars for example and other small superficial imperfections on the face and body.

In addition to helping fade scars on the face, castor oil will also help heal them. Indeed, thanks to the omega 3 contained in this oil, the skin will regenerate more quickly and effectively, thus making the scars less visible on the face.

It is important to mention that this tip is mostly effective and visible on light scars only.

3. Castor oil as anti acne

To continue with the benefits of oil on the skin, know that it also contains very interesting anti-acne properties. So in addition to helping you remove scars, it is also effective in fighting the bacteria that cause acne in young and old.

Castor oil therefore helps to heal but also to prevent acne pimples so why deprive yourself of it! It is above all thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids that this oil is effective in treating and preventing mild to moderate acne.

If you suffer from severe acne castor oil will unfortunately not be effective as a natural treatment for you.

Here is the little routine to do in the evening before going to bed:

  • Rinse your face with warm warm water
  • Apply castor oil in circular motions
  • Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning with lukewarm water.

Here is another great quality cold pressed castor oil for your skin issues as well as hair growth:

Castor oil

Castor oil

  • 100% natural and cold pressed
  • Effectively accelerates hair growth
  • Ideal against stretch marks, eczema and burns

Just like with scars and acne, castor oil can also be useful as a natural treatment for wrinkles. In fact, castor oil is much more than a simple remedy against wrinkles, it is also an excellent ally against premature aging of the skin.

In fact, castor oil helps stimulate the production of collagen in your skin and therefore helps keep it looking younger. You can apply castor oil on the face every night before going to sleep. A few drops are enough against wrinkles, it is useless to apply more.

5. A recipe for stretch marks

Stretch marks present more often in women but also in men can be reduced with the use of several natural products. Castor oil is one of those natural products that you can apply to stretch marks to make them disappear over time.

  • Apply castor oil to stretch marks and massage in circular motions
  • Massage for about ten minutes each of the areas where there are stretch marks
  • Massage in circular movements for a few minutes, emphasizing the areas to be treated.

To fight or rather succeed in reducing stretch marks, it is important to do this trick every night. You should see some improvement after 3-5 weeks.

For other tips against stretch marks take a few minutes to read this article: How to remove stretch marks?

6. Castor oil for hair

Whether it is to grow hair faster or to make it thicker and less fragile, castor oil is once again a surprisingly effective natural trick.

Here is how to apply castor oil to hair:

  • Pour castor oil into a small container and dip your fingers in it
  • Apply with your fingers the oil from the root to the tip of the hair
  • Also massage the entire scalp
  • Leave on for an hour or more if you can.
  • Rinse thoroughly and finish with a mild shampoo

For even more efficiency on hair growth you can mix castor oil with avocado oil or sweet almond oil.

Another effective oil for hair care is Jojoba oil. Come and read all the benefits of this oil: What to do with jojoba oil?

7. Why not use this beard oil?

Are you a man and like to take care of your appearance and your beautiful beard? Well, castor oil is once again a natural and effective product for having a beautiful, long and full beard.

Indeed we are used to hearing about the benefits of this oil on hair growth so why not use it on your beard and mustache. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a specialized beard growth product, well, castor oil is ideal for you.

Castor oil for the beard helps:

  • Accelerate hair growth
  • Helps reduce holes in the beard
  • Allows you to maintain your beard and goatee daily
  • Helps reduce itchy skin

Here is a beard oil made with castor oil that you absolutely must try:

Castor beard oil

Castor beard oil

  • Castor oil booster serum
  • Deeply nourishes beard hair
  • Brings softness, suppleness and shine to the beard
  • TOP quality price

How to apply castor oil on your beard?

  • Start by dampening your beard with slightly warm water
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo to thoroughly clean the beard
  • Rinse and then apply castor oil before going to bed
  • The next morning rinse and let air dry

8. Against joint pain

Do you ever have muscle pain? It is not always easy to find a 100% natural product that can quickly relieve muscle pain. Well, castor oil is one of those products that can definitely help you get better quickly and naturally.

Indeed, castor oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that will bring great relief to your sore joints. Simply rub the sore joints with castor oil for several minutes.

To be effective against muscle and joint pain, it is important to massage the sore muscles and joints regularly for several weeks.

Here is another Castor Oil that is very popular and appreciated by our visitors:

Cold pressed castor oil

Cold pressed castor oil

  • With anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Promotes the production of collagen and elastin
  • Rich in essential fatty acids

9. Castor oil against sunburn

Of course it’s best to protect your skin with a sun protection cream before any sun exposure, but if it’s too late then castor oil can help you feel better.

Just gently apply castor oil on the sunburn so that it heals faster. Be careful, however, never to use castor oil on a more severe burn. This tip is effective only on mild sunburns and/or burns, not serious.

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