Cat allergy, 10 things to know

Are you allergic to small cats?

Cats are adorable, but for some, they are a little less so when it comes to allergies! There are many people who are allergic to cats, but who do not necessarily prevent themselves from staying in the same room as a cat or even more, from cohabiting with the latter.

If you have cat allergies, here are 10 tips that will help you feel a little better.

1. Use a non-allergenic cat product

There is a liquid product that you apply to the cat to reduce allergens. Check with any pet store.

2. Steam clean your house

Steam cleaning is excellent for eliminating mites, bacteria and cat allergens.

3. Wash your hands regularly if you have a cat

Every time you pet your cat, wash your hands quickly with antibacterial soap to avoid allergic reactions.

4. Wash sheets regularly

Since cats often like to sleep in our beds, it is imperative to wash the sheets regularly to remove all traces of hair and allergens. Wash them in hot water.

5. Vacuum at least twice a week

Carpets keep a lot of hair on them. This is why it is essential to vacuum at least twice a week to remove all hair from cats and other furry pets.

6. Forbid the bedroom to the cat

You will better protect yourself against allergens left behind by the cat by preventing it from entering your bedroom.

7. Install air filters to remove allergens

An air purifier will go a long way in minimizing allergens related to your cat.

8. Adopt a female

If you absolutely want to adopt a cat despite your allergies, it is advisable to choose a female because the latter provides fewer allergens than males (castrated or not). Also, at the breed level, the Siamese will be preferable.

9. Buy a hypoallergenic cat

And yes! It exists! Specialists have crossed cat breeds that secrete less Fel d1! On the other hand, you will have to pay more than $3000 to have this kind of cat!

10. Use antihistamines

These medications will work to reduce your symptoms related to your cat allergies.

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