Cat bed and basket

How to make a cat bed?

There are several models of beds and baskets so that your cat can also rest. Some can even be made by hand.

10 Tips invites you to discover 10 ideas for beds and rest baskets for cats. Good discovery!

1. An elevated cat bed

Cats like to climb and love heights so why not make and DIY a cute hanging basket for your pet?

If you’re skilled at knitting this project should really delight your cat. If not, why not ask your mother or grandmother for help. ?

cat hanging bed

2. A small cave in the shape of a cat ?

Here is another beautiful place where your cat can take refuge to rest and be quiet. A pretty closed cat basket ideal for resting. You can get this cat basket on Etsy in addition to finding several other models of baskets and small cat beds.

closed cat basket

3. A hanging basket for your cat

Here is another bed or rather another hanging basket for your pet. It’s very likely that your cat will love this new resting place!

cat hanging basket

4. A cubic wooden cat bed

Do you recognize the Ikea cube in this picture? Here’s a great idea to turn a simple Ikea piece of furniture into a cat bed.

Of course you can also make this small cat bed with a few wooden planks, quite simply.

High cat bed

5. A modern wood and fur bed

This is the perfect bed for your cat if you are looking to buy a modern bed that will go well with your rustic, chic and modern decor.

In addition to being practical for your pet, this cat basket is literally a decoration in a house.

modern cat bed in wood and fur

6. A homemade cat hammock

Here is another original idea for your cat, a hammock! As you can see in the photo, this is a hammock that can be attached under a small table or even a kitchen chair.

A hammock for a cat

7. A cocoon for your pet

Once again, if you are looking for a cat basket that is both comfortable and stylish then this one should please you a lot!

A real little cocoon where your cat will love to take refuge to rest.

A little cocoon for his cat

8. A wicker cat basket

It is possible to find large wicker baskets or baskets in stores or even online. So why not turn this wicker basket into a cat bed, as pictured below.

Wicker cat basket

9. A cat bed in a suitcase

An old suitcase lost in a closet in the basement? Why not recover and transform this old suitcase into a cat or dog bed?

Admit that the idea is really superb!

Cat bed in a suitcase

10. An old wooden crate transformed into a basket

Here is another idea for making a bed for your cat or cats. Use old wooden crates to build the sleeping area for your pet.

You can even add another wooden crate to make a bunk bed for your two cats. ?

Cat bed with a wooden box

And then, how do you come up with all these ideas for cat beds and baskets?

To continue reading about cats, here are some other tips and ideas that will certainly interest you: Make a cat toy.

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