Cat repellent to protect your couch!

What repellent to keep your cat away from the sofa?

A question every cat owner asks is how do you get a cat away from their couch and furniture? A cat climbing on a sofa is not too bad, but a cat urinating on the sofa is much less fun!

10 Tips offers you in this article cat tricks and repellents to repel his pet and above all to prevent him from climbing and scratching the sofa.

1. A homemade recipe to keep the cat away from the couch

A first solution is to make a mixture of different essential oils and spray it on the sofa and or elsewhere in the house. To repel a cat from different places or furniture in the house, natural repellents are ideal. Here are the ingredients for this first natural repellent:

  • 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 5 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 2 cups of water

We mix all the oils and water well and we spray on the sofa, the carpet, and other places in the house where we do not want to see the cat walking, scratching, urinating and even to prevent it from approaching Christmas tree!

Beware of certain fabrics and leathers which may react badly to this mixture of essential oils and water. Better to test this repellent on a small area to start with.

2. A repellent with pepper to protect your couch

Pepper gives off a strong odor which is sometimes uncomfortable for humans so imagine for a cat. Pepper is therefore a natural ingredient that could be very effective in protecting your leather sofa or a fabric from your pet. In fact, you can use the following recipe to keep a cat or dog off the couch.

Here is how to prepare this homemade cat repellent:

  • Bring 1 cup of water to a boil and remove from heat
  • Then add 1 tablespoon of pepper (preferably freshly ground).
  • Mix until the black pepper is completely diluted with water.
  • Let cool and spray the repellent where you don’t want your cat to go.

As with the other essential oil remedy, it is advisable to test on a small area, especially if you want to spray it on a sofa or other fabric or leather furniture.

3. Cat peeing on the couch…Litter box problem?

If your cat pees on the living room sofa, the problem may be quite different. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see a cat urinate on the carpet or on the sofa when the litter unfortunately does not please him.

So before resorting to natural products or tricks why not simply test and change your cat’s litter. And above all it is important to test several litters until you find the right one for your cat. Once the right litter is purchased you should notice much less peeing all over the house.

Other tips and tricks can be effective for a peeing cat in the house. Here are some tips: How to stop a cat from urinating everywhere?

4. A repellent to prevent your cat from scratching the sofa

Of course, if your cat has the annoying habit of scratching your fabric sofa or your leather armchair, it is better to quickly find a solution to remedy this problem.

A solution that 10 Tips offers you is to stick adhesive strips directly on the sofa but also on the other furniture. These are actually invisible, self-adhesive strips that you can stick on the furniture where your cat usually scratches.

After a few scratching attempts the cat usually quits. You’ll find one right here at the best price:

5. A mat for the cat’s claws on the sofa

Another product that can prevent your cat from scratching and damaging the sofa is a scratching mat. Unlike adhesive strips that act as a repellent, this mat allows your cat to continue scratching on the sofa.

If your ultimate goal is to get your pet off the couch, better use another of our tips on this page. If not, here is a quality scratching mat you can order right now.

Scratching mat

Scratching mat

Scratching mat to protect your sofa.
Ideal for letting your cat continue to scratch.

For other tips and tricks for a cat that scratches a lot here are some practical tips: How to stop a cat from scratching?

6. A repellent to prevent your cat from peeing on the sofa

If your problem is more serious and you are looking for a solution to prevent your cat from peeing on the sofa, then we have a product to suggest.

Indeed, if after having tested our natural tips above and homemade recipes your cat continues to mark urine then you will need a cat educator spray. Here is one here that you can spray on the different places where you want to stop your cat’s urine marking in the house.

Whether on fabric or leather furniture, carpet or rug, this product can help you stop your cat from urinating all over the house.

If you are also looking for tips to protect your plants then this article is worth reading: How to repel cats from plants?

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