Cat trees, 10 ideas and photos

Are you looking for ideas for a cat tree?

Did you know that there are several models of cat trees that are really beautiful? Because, as you already know, cat trees are rarely beautiful and stylish in a house.

It is for this reason that offers you today ideas and photos to design a pretty decorative and practical tree for your cat in the house.

Summary of tips and tricks:

to display

1. A real tree stump for your cat

cat tree trunk, cat tree,

2. A cat tree with wooden blocks and stairs

wooden cube cat tree, catissa cat tree,

3. A real wooden condo for your cat

cat condo, cat house,

4. A real cat trail in the house

cat trail, make a cat trail,

5. Trees and games for cats

games for cats, cat trees games,

6. A very designer cat tree!

cat tree design, etsy tree cat, tree cat design,

7. Simple and pretty, just what you need!

cat trees, cat module,

8. Difficult to have more design than that!

modern cat trees, designer cat trees,

9. It’s still carpet… But it’s still pretty isn’t it?

carpet cat tree,

10. Very creative as a cat tree ? Do you like it?

cat tree cardboard box,

Now that you have your cat tree, you need game ideas! Here is our article on the subject: Homemade cat toy and game.

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